A Day With Little Katie In Amish Country

Remember when I wrote a blog on Little Lady In Little House?
Well my friend Katie Troyer from Sarasota, Florida spend the day with me yesterday. I went to pick her up at her sister Clara's house in morning.
I took a big fat pillow so she could sit on it to see out.
Her only request for the day was to drive around Amish Country and see people out and about in fields and for her to be able to take pictures.
Above we drove past a beautiful trimmed Amish vineyard. The skies were so fluffy too.
After making a delivery for my company we came back to my house. Where I
served a simple lunch her and a of couple friends.
I threw this lunch together last minute and am going to do another blog on that. It doesn't take much to make someone feel special. The conversation at a setting like this is really what counts.
So after great conversation and lunch we went to pick up my daughter Sydni at her school.
Then continued to fulfill Katie's wish for the day.
It was a beautiful day out and we were blessed with many pictures for her to take back to Florida. Where she will share on her face book and write blogs. Google Katie Troyer blogs in Sarasota and you will find her. That is how we met. I was inspired with how she looked at things in life and what angle she takes her pictures.
My son Quinton usually doesn't like his picture being taken. Here he is smiling from ear to ear because Katie makes him feel tall.
Loved this shot with the laundry blowing in the wind.
Between Katie's eye or mine and Syd's we made plenty of quick stops for the perfect shot. As Katie said with a giggle." Oh never mind us we are just tourists from Florida."
Can't wait to see what she comes up with in her blog. Since I was driving I only got a couple snapshots.
Alice the cow glared at us.
I truely enjoyed my day with a fellow blogger Katie Troyer and other friends.
Thanks for going with us around Amish Country.

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