Sunday Afternoon Drive In The Country

This afternoon my daughter Sydni, my friend Dixie and I went on a relaxing cruise down back roads.
Here Syd and me realizing we have same sunglasses. So put on your seat belts and come along with us for the ride.
There were so many beautiful old buildings
and the clouds were so fluffy.
LOVED this entryway to this historical home.
Ever since I went to the Country Living Fair last summer I added one of these to my bucket list. I want to own one of these. I'd love to be redo it myself and be a part of Sisters On The Fly. We couldn't see anyone around to ask them about it. So we will see if this ONE will be removed from my mind in a couple weeks? If not we might just have to take another road trip. 
This old house would also be fun to love back to life.
So amazing what a creator we have.
As we kept stopping to take pictures, Syd got chased by two angry dogs and I almost backed down over a cliff but other then those two events it was a peaceful drive.
Here was a meadow filled with beautiful yellow flowers.
We ended up in Roscoe Village in Coshocton. Here was a cute little pathway to the ice cream shop.
Syd had Birthday Cake, Dix had Snickers and I had Butter Pecan ice cream in a waffle cone.
Can you find the antique people at Shaker House Antiques?
 I found a perfect gift for my friend that had a Birthday yesterday. So we delivered it to her afterward. She served us refreshing drinks.
Love the brick streets in this village.
Syd loved this old telephone booth.
As we made our way back home we were thankful we didn't take our usual Sunday afternoon nap but enjoyed the beautiful country where we live at instead.
Thanks for going on a ride with us. Did you enjoyed it as much as we did?




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