"Dundee Falls" Treasures In Amish Country...PART 1 (Series 7 of 7)

Dundee Falls is a treasure and a breath taking local waterfall.
It is located in between Winesburg and Dundee on camp buckeye road. I will post the link toward the end of blog. We have enjoyed going here for many picnics, hikes and rejuvenating.
When Allen's aunt had cancer and was sick I took her here and she enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. When I need alone time with me and my inner self I go here. The one thing that is always a need is good shoes and mosquito spray when you visit this peaceful place.

Here is what it looks like when it is froze in winter time. Also beautiful.

It is beautiful every season. The kids love going here and getting under the falls and getting wet.
It's so pretty when it flows in full swing like this.

So next time you'd like to build memories or find a treasure. Pack a picnic and go see Dundee Falls.
I hope you enjoyed this week of Treasures In Amish Country!
I do believe we have many other treasures here in Amish Country that I could share. Here are only a couple for all of you that are out of the area:
I do believe the true treasures are what is in your heart and soul in how you look at things. Also to be able to see the beauty all around you. So if you live in Amish County or just want to visit Amish Country. Look for the little treasures along with some of the big treasures I shared with you this past week in this series.
Happy Memorial Day to you all!
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