Walk In My Shoes On May 1st

 What is it with May 1st? You instantly feel like you need to be ready for summer. Especially on beautiful days like today.
I went in my storage shed to find the garden hose today and I found these beautiful robin eggs. One egg must have just hatched today. I snapped a picture and got out of there so the mother could be a good mommy.
We worked on the flower beds and the weeds were easy to pull with all the rain we've had this spring.
Planted a couple flowers in this old wheel barrow. Can't wait till it's in full bloom. But also don't want to rush time. So I'll watch for the blooms as I sip my coffee every morning.
I needed a new liner for my window box. Since the birds use it for their nests these past few years. So I just took a burlap coffee bag that I asked a local coffee shop to save for me. It worked great.
Next I went on this cleaning tasmania. Rearranged our living room and kitchen(sorry forgot to take picture) and brought out the good smelling cleaner. This hardly ever happens these busy days.
So decided next to tackle our mound of shoes. Winter and summer.
We had a sermon about greed this past Sunday. Did I get convicted about it as we had a over a abundance of shoes? umhm When in double throw it out! You can go dumpster diving if you'd like to see what it's like to walk in my shoes.
This was my treat to myself for being so productive today. Love Aldi's Pita Chips and Hummus.
Did other things happen in my world today? Yes many good and bad:) But it all comes to a close I'm at peace.
So as I sit here in my newly revamped office tonight, I'm feeling blessed. Thanks for following and reading my blogs. It's my therapy as I show you my world as I walk in my own shoes.
Hope you had a great day too.

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