Bishop's Is Back In Wooster Ohio

Today, my three kids and I went on a little adventure. It was a "raining-one-minute-then sunshining-the-next" kind of day. We all needed to get out of the house.
So, we went to see what all the rave is about with the newly reopened Bishop's Restaurant in Wooster, Ohio. We'd heard that people have been waiting in line to get a seat, so we decided to go in the middle of the afternoon.
Look at this! This place is even busy at three o'clock in the afternoon. They have very spacious dining.
We hit the jackpot with this place. We stepped back in time with the prices on this menu. In fact, we might just be able to take our family of five out to eat again. These prices are amazing!

We were happy with the famous onion ring basket. Our waitress was very informational and friendly. She said they're busy from the time they open at 10:30 am until they close at 8:00 pm.
We got a half-and-half basket of onion rings and crinkled french fries, which was perfect for us four. We had it almost all eaten before I got a picture taken.
Here are our beautiful children:
Sydni, 11; Quinton, 14; and Felicia, 18.
They were full of orneriness today, as you can probably see from their expressions.
We finished it all off with pie, one peach and one Snickers, cradled in the most deliciously crumbly crusts I've ever eaten!
Check this out-- $15.27. When was last time we went to a sit down restaurant with four of us, and spend less than $20?
We left feeling full and happy, knowing we'd be back soon. Bishop's just might be our rainy day go-to this summer.
After a couple garage sales, Aldi's, and getting these doors at Habitat For Humanity for a DIY project I'm working on (watch for an upcoming blog with all the delightful details!), we were all ready to get back home.
I do hope you try Bishop's soon. It will take you back in time.
I hope you made memories today, too! 

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