Out With New,In With Old

Today I was itching to paint something or to be inspired.
So I went out in the garage and found this thingy. (not sure what to call it, a table or a potting bench)

It was left over from our garage sale we had last week.
Sydni was so happy that she was allowed to help paint it also. We used old paint we had on hand.
I was so happy how it turned out. Was going to put a stain on it to antique it but liked it without, so kept it like it was.
This was made for outside to plant flowers in but I will use it to display magazines and coasters.

I also had a couple of these industrial crates left over from sale.
So I decided to spray paint it orange and set it underneath to give it a pop of color.
Next I put this newer style ottoman that I had, up for free on my facebook.
It was out of the house and waiting for the lucky new owner in minutes of posting it.
It ended up being a blessing to the lady that got this and to me too. Because when she picked it up we ended up talking a hour or two and the evening ended with her singing on the back porch with Felicia and her friend.
What if I wouldn't have followed my inspiration today? A couple of people including myself would have missed a blessing that was waiting to happen. So go out in your garage or barn and see what you can find......;)

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