Black Raspberry Amish Family

Last evening a friend told me of this Amish family that she gets her black raspberries from to make her jam.
So I took a little ride in the country to find them close to Moreland this morning.
As I rolled down the windows and smelled the fresh honeysuckle in full bloom I was feeling blessed for my life. The sun was shining and I was on a mission to find fresh produce. I was planning on doing my jam today but ended up with only Zucchini today.
As I approached to the window to ask Herman for his mom he said she's taking care of the baby.
Soon his sister came to help me and she said they had just left for the auction with most of the the berries.
This is all she had left.
She said you can come back tomorrow for them. So tomorrow I go back to pick up my 45 pints of black raspberries to make wine and jam.
Loved all the chickens along with two big roosters.
As I turned to leave I took a picture of these Swartzentruber Amish buggies.

When out of no this open buggy load of kids come out of the field with fresh Zucchini.

Three zucchini for $1.

They were all siblings and Hermon and 4 more were in house.

This is Eli. He lost the brim of his hat.....

....and his brothers hat is about to do the same thing.
He was eating a Smarties and she told me this is the best zucchini. They warmed up to me since I spoke Dutch to them.
I felt even more blessed as I drove home with my zucchini.
If you'd like the recipe for my:
 Orange Cranberry Zucchini Bread
Hope your having a happy summer day too!

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