Road Trip In Amish Country

Today I'm taking you on a tour through Amish Country. I realize that allot you readers and friends might see this everyday, from living in the heart of Holmes County.

But many of you followers are not from this area and enjoy the scenery of where we live. Here the Amish were making hay the old fashioned way. These are Swartzentruber Amish.
Their not allowed to use motors. So they put the hay in their barns lose.

I also visited my favorite Amish produce market. Blessing Acres:)

When I picked up my strawberries she went out and got them from her daughters that just picked them in the field.

This was taken in the heart of Mt Hope in front of Lehman's Hardware.

This lady was on a mission to find the next good garage sale in Maysville. One thing you'll see with Amish mothers is their kids go where ever they do. They seldom ever get babysitters.

This is a one room Amish schoolhouse called Fountain Nook School, where my niece and nephew attend.

I keep admiring the beautiful gardens the Amish have as I pass by them.

Blessing Acres produce is run by a widow lady with a bunch children. She runs it on a trust system of a pail where you put your money in yourself. Love how we can trust people where we live.
Here her daughter is going to get another load of produce fresh from the field. They also have farm fresh eggs.

I'm thinking they have a couple boys in this family in the heart of Maysville.
Most Amish have a green thumb. I loved these pink and red roses.
These  open buggies are called a hack. Many times they use it to haul their livestock to the auctions.

Right now we are fortunate to find fresh strawberries along the road from the Amish.
Love the details in her dress.
There are so many beautiful farms where we live in the rolling hills of Holmes County.
I hope you enjoyed your drive with me.

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