The Little Things That Give You Happiness

Everyday I look for little things that make me feel happy and blessed. Today one of the things that made me happy was to hang our linens on the cloth line to dry and it will make me even happier when I crawl into bed tonight.

A woman can dream what she'd do with this if it was hers and was restored and worked. I'm thinking a trip to the west coast in polka dot scarves and funky glasses would be in order. It makes me smile to look at it as I pass by it at least once a week.

I'm guessing this family eats approximately 10 avocados a week. Divine happiness!

As I walk out my front walkway these flowers great me with happiness on a daily basis:)
Right beside it are Sydni's personal tomato plant is in full bloom and it gives her great joy on being a successful gardener.

Our Family made a summer bucket list. It holds happiness in just looking at the list even if only half get marked off we will feel happy about it. 

Little projects that Pinterest or Instgram inspired me also not only give me happiness but makes things beautiful.

This recipe is so good and makes me feel special on a hot summer afternoon when I need  boost.
8 cups strong brewed coffee
1 can 14oz condensed milk
Mix and chill, then serve over ice

I made this Italian pizza the other day for my daughters and they loved it.
Take pizza crusts drizzle with olive oil
slice a fresh mozzarella ball
fresh Basil and tomato
Lawry's garlic salt
Heat till cheese is melted.

The other night after our daughters softball game we seen this amazing sunset and the two love birds sitting on the line just made it more special.
We are coming into the season of farmers markets and their is only a few things I like better in the summer time then these.

One of my gifts is hosting and I'm so happy when I can make others happy when I present food to them.
Happiness and contentment is something that is at your fingertips daily if you only take time to notice it.
What makes your heart happy?

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