Happy Fathers Day

When it comes to being Fathers Day I couldn't be more proud of the Father our kids call Dad.
He has been a kind of father where more is caught then taught. He is one of those fathers that seldom runs out of patience.
He's quiet yet gets his point across when needed. This picture was a couple years ago when we were on the Mochican River.
He's the parent that always takes time to play with them even if the works not done.
He's taught Felicia how to drive a car. Quinton how to hunt. Sydni how to play ball. This is just to mention one of the million things he's done for his children.
The kids stop and listen when he speaks (even though he thinks they don't) for he speaks wisdom.
I feel blessed to have him for the father of our children.
Thank you Allen for being a great father!
I am also blessed with this amazing smart man I call my Dat (Dad).
He is the most dedicated hardest working man I ever met. His no means no and yes are yes.
He has done allot for our family. I'm fortunate to be closer to him now then I had ever imagined. He loves to travel. He also keeps stretching himself in his very successful business he already has. I look up to him and respect his opinions.(it has not always been that way)
I love my father and am thankful how he loves my family.
This is my Abba Father the creator of all things. As I was driving down the road this morning I felt the connection to my father that I depend on daily, when I seen this beautiful lone tree in a field.
He's the one that never lets me down always loves me unconditionally. Helps me see the good in things when I can't. The list goes on and on......
Today I felt blessed with many good men that are called Father, Daddy, Abba, Dad, Poppa, Dat in my life.
I know many of you don't have your earthy father anymore in spirit or in presence but be assured that our Abba Father is always their for you. Maybe you will see him in a tree our hopefully in the people you meet.
Happy Fathers Day!

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