Another Successful Garage Sale

This week my Mom and I had a Garage Sale and feel blessed it was a success.
We moved Mom's buggies out of her garage and
set up her tables in her garage. In hopes that these tables will be empty again in two days.
We waited to put up the eleven signs till the morning of the sale. Due to the storms that were moving through the night before our sale. So I had a little help from my niece putting up the garage sale signs.
We filled the tables and marked things to sell

and we waited for the people to come find our junk, that we hoped would be their treasure.

We got rid of all of this stuff in this picture
and these too. Allen sold allot of his chainsaw carvings too.

We never had a mad rush. Just a steady stream of people.

I still have this antique sewing machine left. So if you pick it up at our house its yours for free. Just make me something when you get it:)

Syd loved when these cute babies stopped by with their mommies.

The lady that bought the shuffle board had a amazing testimony of her life. We are happy that its found a home where it will make a difference.

Yesterday after the sale closed we had Dowdy and Mommies(grandpa and grandma) garage back in order within a hour after we closed. I loaded the van and took things to local thrift store and we celebrating having another successful Garage Sale.

Thanks to all of you that stopped by and wishing you happiness as you turn our junk into your treasure.


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