A Funky Junky To A Glitz And Glam Kind Of Day

Yesterday I went to Quailquest Farms Garden Fair with a friend.
This booth was one of my favorite ones. JUST ENOUGH ANTIQUES
is in Smithville. They had allot funky junky treasures.
She also had these bright colored chairs.
The gardens were so pretty.
Met this lovely Designer from MELISSA SAVIDA INTERIORS.
Would have loved to of had this teal colored trunk but she beat me to it.
AROUND THE BEND willow furniture was so bright and colorful. Loved the driftwood mirror.
I couldn't attend the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck New York this weekend but this was second best. This lady bought this lamp for $8.
My treasure of the day was this
beautiful  oval granite teal bowl. Thought it would be cute for a fairy garden or to serve popcorn in it.
Today I used it to cut my fresh mint tea and bring it in my kitchen.

BOWDEN BELLS has a unique booth too.

Jan has such a cool art work along with her bells.
My friend Summer also had her pretty booth there.
As we finished up the first part of our funky junky day. My friend Melissa and her girls went their way and I rushed home to be off to a glitz and glam wedding.
This is only picture of my hubby and me from the night.
This chandelier was so stunning.

It was a beautiful night for a outdoor reception
This was the pool house.

This wedding was filled glitz, glam and lots of pretty pink things including the brides dress.
I loved this candy bar too.
I'm inspired daily and enjoy taking you with me.

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