Another Colorful Day In The Country With Sydni

This morning I ran my son to a church camp that he is attending for the weekend at Skyview Ranch. It took longer then I had expected. So we were on a late start to our day of returning borrowed things and delivering Granola for my business along with a couple other errands.
Oh, well I guess instead of explaining I'll just take you along for the ride.
We stopped in Paint Valley(where I was raised) at a friends house to return something and either she was sleeping in way late or hid from us, but she didn't come to the door.
So I captured this picture of her beautiful succulence plant.
As we left the valley, I stopped to take this picture of a old house that my Mom lives in. ha (just kidding)
Next we went on a search to find strawberries that are raised by the Amish.
We got found some at Blessing Acres off of County Road 201.
Off we go to make another deliver for Lena's Amish Granola GoGo Granola Bars at David Warther Museum. They just opened a month or so ago and have sold quite a few Granola Bars since they opened their nice facility between Walnut Creek and Sugarcreek.
Sydni insisted we stop by Walnut Creek Cheese
to buy her favorite Orange Cookies.
We also went to see our friend Carol that makes delicious soft pretzels in front of Walnut Creek Cheese. Shes there Thurs. through Sat. 10:30-? Tell her Lena send you:)
Next we were off to Troyer Cheese to buy chicken that was on sale this week. I want to can it next week.
We then got stuck in a traffic jam going into Berlin behind this tractor with a Amish lady and her dog as her husband was driving the tractor. I told Syd "Oh that's Mommy's(Mommy means grandma in Amish)friend Mary Ann, run up to her and give her one of your good Orange Cookies. So as we slowly followed them, we got to watch her enjoy the cookie.
As we went about our dreary cloudy drive we enjoyed every moment from seeing cows eat,
to the cute Amish boys selling strawberries by the road. Along with her saying "Mom there was another garage sale you just missed. My girl is after my own heart. We were running out of time since she had be back for her ballgame tonight.
So when I went to change the oil in van I let her browse the local thrift store, Save and Serve.

Next we were off to get the much needed groceries.
I try to buy one new thing every time. So on Instagram I've been seeing a rave about this new Justin's honey peanut butter blend. The great thing is they also sold these little sample packs to see if you like it. I loved it and no its no nutella but it is really good.
We're enjoying having our fridge restocked today with healthy colorful things that reflects our colorful day in the country. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as Syd and me did.
Happy Weekend!

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