My Amazing Yet Crazy Life

Am I the perfect Mom and house wife? "NO"
Sometimes just cause I like to be positive and motivating in my blogging. I might not share with you my struggles and fears.
This is going to be one those blogs of true honesty.
FYI: I have to depend on God to make it through life just like most of you:)
Seems there is always unfolded laundry somewhere. Every week my goal is to be totally caught up , down to the last piece. (it's never happened)
This is what a typical day looks like in our main bathroom, after all we have 5 living souls living in this household.
People ask me all the time "How do you do it?" guess what , I don't;)
I'm not one that finds her happiness at everything being done at end of day.  I daily ask myself will you be happy with this choice tomorrow morning and that's how I'm living my life at the moment. We've been slowly going through a transition of having our oldest daughter home
for what will likely be the last summer, and as of this morning I decided to embrace of doing what is right for us right now. Sometimes its hard to say no to things you love doing for the sake of your family. But it stems back with choices we make for what will be best with no regrets.(then you hope and pray they are the right ones)
I snapped this precious shot on Monday of our three kids watching a Vine video on Felicia's phone. It still brings a tear to my eye when I think that these days are going to be the past.
In hind sight I've always said this is my favorite stage of my kids life no matter what age they were. So do you think I'll keep saying saying that?
Rest assured we Schlabach's have far from a perfect life. The are answered prayers that seem like unanswered prayers, bills to pay, late rsvp's, unopened mail, laundry to be done, arguments, cloudy pools, weeds, stinky sports cloth, dirty floors, unwashed dishes
fish to do be made, ha. (at the moment)
Do I have more to be thankful for then to worry about? "YES!" Do I have a bigger God then the boggie man? "YES!"
I intentionally look for things daily that motivate me and make me feel blessed.
This is a blog of my less then perfect life, that is blessed with choices.
Maybe next blog I'll share with you my fears or maybe never?
Hope I inspired you to count your blessings no matter what you deal with:)
*As I took a break from writing this blog to fry the fish for dinner. My son Quinton pops up with "Mom your the second best cook I know" I ask "Who's the best?" he replies "Mrs. Kay" I ask "Who's that?" he says "Duh Mom you know, from Duck Dynasty" Me "OK whatever Quinton"
This is my life in the country:) 

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