Happy Independence Day In Ohio

Today I felt like God was kissing me with little reminders of how blessed I am to live in America.
It started off by us taking a back road we don't normally travel. We spotted this stunning Bald Eagle. I snap all of my pictures with my iPhone and am happy with them, but today I longed for a lens camera. The Eagle just sat there until we were done with our photo session. We spotted him on a back road to Paint Valley; that's west of Millersburg.
As you travel on through Paint Valley, you will see many flags displayed in people's yards. This display caught my eye since it hung above the owner's swing. Loved the vintage look with the old picket fence in the front yard. All American happiness right there!
I've driven by this Americana barn probably a thousand times but I never noticed it like I did today. 
I'm guessing this is a farmer who still strives to make a living off the land and his cattle.
We have many Amish farmers in Holmes County who make their living off the land. I captured this picture today close to Nashville, Ohio when I picked up my daughter from her friend's house.
One of my flowers reminded me of fireworks:)
This typewriter was at a thrift store. Red, White and Blue!
This was the final kiss--my neighbor kids were out getting their mail and wanted me to stop and talk to them. Only later did I notice picture also had a flag on it from another neighbor's mailbox.

So this weekend, as you celebrate with whoever you love, I hope you see the little and big kisses America gives you and feel as blessed as I do.

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