Hartville Flea Market Roadtrip

Last Monday, we lollygagged our way to the Hartville Flea Market with some friends and my little tag-a-long, Sydni.
It's been years since I've been, so we set out to snag ourselves some long lost treasures.
This picture above was the first one I took, and I think it was my favorite one, too.
He had the most amazing ice-blue eyes I 've ever seen. Unfortunately, this picture didn't capture it. He was an antique, and was trying to sell one, too.
I liked the feel of the cafĂ© area. How inventive to make bar stools and tables out of pipes!

I learned something new, that this plant is called "Moses in the Bulrush." Did you know that these old-fashioned plants were called this?
Or is Kathy with a K just pulling my leg? Here, she's showing Syd how Moses is in the plant. Li'l loopy, but I love it!
Of course, we took home a couple sets of these bottle cap earrings. Love me some Coke:)

I loved all the antiques we saw. But these wooden darts caught my eye. They were old, but not aged. Maybe their owner never had grandkids? It seemed strange that these antiques didn't have a story to tell, like most usually do.

I was tempted to buy this colorful basket of potatoes, but someone brought it to my attention that the skins were thick so they weren't fresh.

So I chose these fingerling potatoes instead.
What a great choice I made as we savored every bite last evening for dinner.

This set of old-style metal lawn chairs stayed behind. They are on my bucket list. One day I'll find the perfect ones at the perfect price.

What is it about old pictures that captivate me? Also loved how this old guy was checking out the vintage truck.
These collector fishing lures intrigued me.

The antique store upstairs was my favorite booth inside the market.

This world metal globe went home with me. Quinton has always begged for one. The first thing he did was spin it and tell me that wherever his finger lands, that will be our next vacation. Hawaii sounds good to me, too. Never hurts to dream:)
I asked this vendor what he's most attached to at his booth. He informed me it was these priceless old watches.
Dixie and Syd ended up with these Hollywood-style shades, but they switched colors. Syd now has the purple ones, and Dix looked better in the white ones.
The vendor told them those Chanel shades go for $10, 000 in Hollywood, but they scored theirs for $6.00 for both of them.

If you ever spend the day with my sweet daughter Sydni, you'll know there has to be a pitstop for some ice cream. She got the coffee chip recommended by the scooper.
Kathy gets the same flavor every time 'cause it's her favorite. Who would have thought such a vibrant fun lady's favorite flavor is just plain vanilla?
We also turned into a Salvation Army thrift store on our way back home. I loved this lamp...
...and envisioned it white. Isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do? Remember this previously-yellow stand from Cleveland that was in my previous post? It now is a vibrant lime green!
Last evening we enjoyed this beautiful candle/lamp that I snagged for only .79 cents.
We also stopped to see if this little Amish guy had red raspberries for us.
What made this wonderful day even more complete was when we got back to Dixie's car, she gave me this yellow Pyrex bowl that she had two of. I've been collecting the set. Now all I need to complete it is the small blue bowl!
This was another amazing road trip with friends. It was such a blessing to be picked up at the house and driven by a "chauffeur" to wherever we wanted to roam.
Thanks for riding along with us:)
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