My Bedroom Makeover That Cost $12

Yesterday, on July 4th, Sydni and I performed an all-white makeover on my depressing bedroom that, before, I'd thought I'd liked.
This is the bedroom before the makeover. I thought I loved my chocolate brown walls until I turned them into fresh, white walls. It makes me feel happy when I walk into my room now, where as, before, it made me feel depressed, like I wanted to sleep all day. I marvel at how much a simple paint color can change your mood!

I don't mean to change the subject, but this is how my day started yesterday. I was cooking up a storm in my kitchen! Bar-B-Que ribs, taco salad, pudding and this amazing cheesecake.
When all at once, everything went sour. My picture-perfect cheese cake landed on the floor upside-down.
So off to bed I went into my chocolate-brown bedroom, and as I pulled my covers over my head
and the men of the house were out the door to fish (this was their catch of the day that we ate for breakfast today),
I spontaneously asked Syd "Do we want to paint my bedroom?" She exclaimed,"YES, Mom!"
And there you have it! Instead of being down and depressed and sad about my upside-down cheesecake, we whipped out a make-over in four hours!
I no longer like our oak bedroom set that I had designed when I was 18, but its oak and sturdy and serves the purpose. But that rose glass mirror? It had to go. So when Allen came back through town, he swung by Wal-Mart and bought some $12 chalkboard paint. That was my only expense for the whole makeover! I already had the rest of the stuff.
 Allen taped the mirror off for me...

I gave it three coats of chalkboard paint...
and now I can write whatever I want on it. Love the new look!
I also ripped these ugly spindles out, as you can see in the above picture.
Before picture....
We had to peel these letters off before we started to paint.


Love the freshness of my bedroom now!

I had scored these curtains a while ago for ten cents each! I used a bamboo stick and hooks for a curtain rod.
These pillows from a thrift store were just longing to be tossed into the project. The final looks features mostly white and cream with just a few splashes of black for my d├ęcor.
I tried arranging a vignette of items I already had, but just didn't feel very cozy.
So this morning, my kids and I ventured out to the yard--in the RAIN, mind you--and dragged this old barn door in from one my flowerbeds.
Bam! That's the perfect spot for it:)
The white paint was leftover from my dad and mom's new house. It took three coats to cover those dar, browns.
I had collected a bundle of white candles in garage sales over the years. I placed them on the headboard and plan on lighting them as often as possible.

This steel vase had a former life as a waste basket in my office. The shell collection are from traveling the west coast to the east.

This ugly gas thingy-a-bobber is an eyesore that will require a plumber to eliminate.

So I hung a picture over it and added hooks to balance it out. I also painted the doors to bathroom and entrance all white. Looks so much better!
I adore the white walls! It's different for me, because usually I'm in love with colorful things.
A bunch of crocks now gather on top of the headboard.
Tada!!! I'm sure I'll change things around a little in next couple of days (isn't fussing part of the fun?!?), but as of now I LOVE this bedroom by the bay;)

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