A Lena Day That Took Me UP And Away

Ohhhh my! Where did the summer go?
This week we sent off our two li'l ones (as I call them) to middle school. The most exciting thing about this is they leave the house at 6:50 am.
Yes, I teased Syd that I would run after school bus in my nightgown on her first day of middle school (a tradition). Ha!
I love my kids and have had a great summer with them, but I'll admit I'm one of those Mom's that loves when school starts. We will now have food in fridge and I'll soak up the quiet of my cozy house. It's good to be back on a schedule.
This summer was busy, and I'm known to have "Lena Days" to keep myself mentally healthy so I can continue to serve the world. :) Don't think I've had one all summer. So I was long overdue for one.
A "Lena Day" usually consists of doing things that make me happy and feel special.
So as soon as I sent them out the door, I made myself an egg sandwich with Mom's delicious, soft, homemade bread and a slice of fresh, juicy tomato. As I debated with myself about how to spend my day over my Starbucks coffee, I thought about maybe just going back to bed for the day. Knowing that wouldn't be a choice I would be happy with at the end of the day,  I decided against it.
So I printed out these
pictures of burlap curtains and a tree skirt that I want for the new shop we are opening soon.
I went to Becks Mill to see my Amish old-maid aunt who I'd heard was looking for sewing jobs to help with an income to support herself.
She was up for the challenge, and I was delighted as well.
As I left, I was feeling tired and relaxed. I enjoyed the old buildings and the wildflowers by the fencerows as I putzed through Amish Country. 
I admired this tall, long, empty corn crib.
In all, I stopped at four local thrift stores by the time the day was over. It's always therapy for me. Love digging and looking for knobs and knick-knacks that I can add to my re-purposed furniture and such.
I picked up a treat at one of the stores for a friend and delivered it to her.
When I got home, I was tempted to work since I had lots that could have been done.
Instead, I decided to sit on my back porch and catch up on magazines.

As I gazed out upon my linens hanging on the line, I thought to myself how lucky I was. It was one of those God moments you treasure and reflect back on when you're feeling weak.
I was very purposefully paying attention to things that made me happy as I clipped this bouquet of fresh flowers for my kitchen.

So far, the best part of my day had been that I'd found this .80 cent old-fashioned light bulb at a thrift store.
Soon, it was pool time for Syd and me as she came through the front door telling me non-stop about her exciting day. Q always stays for football practice after school, so Syd loves the undivided time to share every little detail with me.

We had an unexpected invitation at the end of our day. As we drove to this exciting adventure, I noticed an amazing sunset through my mirror.
A neighbor had asked us if we'd like to take a ride in his plane! I had never flown in a small plane before, but I love flying in the big ones and like being challenged by heights.
So we got all buckled in and were ready for...
wherever he was going to take us.
He flew us over our house. Sorry the picture ended up blurry. Next, we were off to fly over Allen's Mom's new house. It never took 5 minutes to get from our house to Mt Hope before!
By the time we were ready to head back to the airport, it was dark as we flew over Millersburg.
We snapped a picture of my GoGo Bars before we threw them out the window into our friend's back yard. Just kidding!
Was my "Lena Day" what I had expected? Absolutely! Plus a bonus that took me up and away!
 Feeling blessed with the crazy busy life I'm leading.
Make sure you take time to recharge your soul, because, when you do, you will have twice as much to give back to this world you're living in.
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