A Kauffman Reality Auction That I Scored A Few Treasures

I ventured out to a one-of-a-kind auction this week that made me appreciate how well old things were made. It was The Nowels Auction on County Road 333. The owner of the farm was Gerald, a lifelong bachelor.
Due to his health, Gerald is now in assisted living, but he was able to attend the auction, as you can see in the above picture.
This house had been sitting empty for a while. I can only imagine how many memories were made within the wall of this old farmhouse.

There were so many treasures I wanted! These slipped out of my hands, as I wasn't bold enough with my bidding wave. The lucky buyer got this pair for less than $5. Wouldn't they be adorable heaped with white pumpkins this fall?

This little old wood shed would look great in my back yard.

Out of all these collectibles, this unique homemade windmills is that ONE THING I really, really wanted. I was bold enough this time, and I was delighted to end the bidding as the proud owner of this sweet piece!
After giving it a good cleaning, it has found it's new home in our living room. I've had 3 offers on it already but have no plans of selling it.
In the house they had a gas stove that I missed when it sold. I was going to buy it for a friend if it wasn't too expensive. Did any of your grandmas cook on one these?

I got this pile and the General Electric fan works great! All it needed was some TLC.
I think this was the best picture of the day! It was a great niece of Gerald's with her son. They were so happy to be the highest bidder on this set of cows.
I was so touched by the family's sweetness when I came to browse the night before. I appreciated how they let me look around and them remembering me the next day. This set of suitcases I purchased had the name "Jack Nowels" in them, so I gifted it back to the family since they missed bidding on it.
 I felt blessed later this week when I saw the family in the Wal-mart parking lot and we chatted about the auction. They loved seeing what I'd done to the retro table I'd bought for a couple bucks. 
The chairs will need some major help yet.
It's amazing what an S.O.S. pad did for these rusty legs! All it needed I some elbow grease.

TADA! Bringing back the shine and life to this table has been all kinds of fun!
Secretly hoping I can convince my Hubby to make it our family kitchen table.
Sydni was fascinated that this old scale still works. I wouldn't know, 'cause I chose not to step on it.
These West Bend glasses were in one of my boxes, and I'm planning to sell them at them at the new store.
I enjoyed this Kauffman Reality Auction in my neck of the woods.
Hope you will benefit from my deals when you visit the store or simple get inspired by the photos here. Get out there and find some treasures, whether it's cool stuff, or precious people!
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