Being Holmes County Pickers On The Lincoln Way Buy-Way Garage Sales

This past weekend we went on a road trip to fetch ourselves some bargains at the Buy Way Old Lincoln Way Garage Sales. I'll take you along with us so you can enjoy it as much as we did.
We met up with our friends at Bob Evans in Wooster at the crack of dawn. I was so excited for this day that I only got a couple hours of sleep. I told my husband that, for me, this was like opening day of deer season is for him.
We started driving west on Old Route 30 in hopes of seeing signs soon.
It didn't take us long to find what we were looking for, and the trailer started filling up. At this barn sale, Brian got stuck in a back yard and we were blessed with a kind man with a big white truck who pulled him back out.
I also found this medium-sized jug to add to my collection, along with carboys for Allen's new experiment in wine making.
There were a lot flea markets along the way, and, at those, it was a little harder to find deals.
Try to envision this: we'd be trolling down the road with our big rig, and Brian would slow down to pull off, then usually Missy or I'd do the quick scope to determine if it was worth stopping or not. We couldn't have had a better driver! We'd sometimes miss a signpost by an inch, but other than getting stuck in an old grumpy gramp's yard, flying over a railroad tracks, and breaking his wife's precious, beloved gumball machine, he was very good at guiding us along the way.
I'm not telling you the deal I got from this pile of rusty old chicken feeders and vintage ice chest. I will, however, share a secret with you about bartering. You stack everything you want into one pile and offer a price $5 lower then you'd give for your treasures as you pull out the green for the visual. That was a Dave Ramsey lesson. :-)
This old factory industrial building close to Mansfield was, by far, my favorite place.
We parked right out front and didn't know what to expect. I was thinking and feeling like I was about to have an American Pickers experience.
It was even better then I had anticipated, especially when the owner told me, "Everything's for sale in here but you."
My eyes couldn't roam fast enough as we stepped back in time. Felt like we were in a 60's movie. Check out this vintage 3-wheeler bike in the above picture.
Here, Missy was give him the puppy-dog eyes to get the lowest deal possible on the steel tool box. I also snagged that yellow sign.
There was even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Appropriate, because, boy oh boy, did I feel like dancing!

Maybe next time, we will tug this 1931 Buick home with us.

There were junk treasures in every corner of this quaint place.

Can you imagine the fun it would be to take a cross-country road trip in this old bus?
This dude asked if I wanted to go into the back buildings to look for more treasures. I took Missy along and made her sit on my lap for insurance on this ride. As we glided along, dodging the upcoming floors, we got a whiff of what he might have been drinking the night before. It was like something straight out of a movie as it got darker and more rustic with every room we passed through. At times like this, it's good to have a partner that speaks Dutch also.

Missy had passed up a couple vintage bikes at other places in hopes of finding the perfect one. On a shelf in the way back I spotted the rusty pimp-my-ride for her for only a $5 bill.

 Would love to ride in a parade with this relic of a tractor.

This was a 1974 moped that still worked. Loved the story that went along with it.
A guy bought it new when he came out of the Navy and drove it cross-country from California to Mansfield, Ohio. My guess is that he might have been searching to connect with a long lost love?
It's still for sale, and I got the guy's number if you want to contact him. $1500 and it's yours!
If we had enough stash, we could have bought three buses along the way. They were all really cool. This was Missy's first purchase.
Would have had fun buying this one, which still ran, for $1800. Concerts, garage sales, shopping, road trips! Those are just a few uses I can think of for this fun ride that I'd be sure to use with friends and family.

I found these big industrial casters for an island I'm making for our new store, Vintage Glam Studio.

Also snagged two of these vintage standstill ice chests.

Here are a couple of lamps I revamped from our picker day. Aren't they sweet?

For this one, I took out the wiring and plan to replace the bulbs with candles. It will be easy and cozy to hang on a your porch.

We were blessed to have a perfect day weather-wise.

We met some of the nicest people along the way. At one well kept-farm, the Mama and Papa were sitting in the garage, him with his John Deere hat on and her perched behind an vintage steel cash box. We started talking and I told them how well-kept their place was. Soon, once we had gotten to know each other better, she stepped inside and came back out with a chilled bottle of champagne, telling me it was time to celebrate our new store! I was moved by her kind act and the treasured gift she handed me.
This AM radio/alarm clock that works great!

I once read that you should never bypass a kid selling lemonade, or whatever they're peddling. So this popcorn hit the spot on our mid-afternoon stop. I told them to look for their picture on this blog, (after asking permission, of course).
After stopping off at Dakota's Grill to finish off our day, we felt tired and blessed spending it with friends that are fun and kind.
This pile of old bowling pins, vintage suitcases, deer antlers, utility cart, ice chests, and world globes are only a few of the things that will be for sale in the Vintage Glam Studio coming to Berlin, Ohio soon. I can't wait for you to see it!
Thanks for riding along with me on this adventurous road trip. It was a blast! I hope you had fun, too.

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