Being A Picker Sister In A Old House

I had a fun day yesterday when my friend asked me to come and see if I could find any treasures in what was left behind in this old farmhouse. As you can tell, she and her dog are best friends.
We found this ticket in a pants pocket. It was from 1951.

I loved every detail about this vintage place that's been decaying. These blinds had beautiful frilled pulls on them.

We checked every pocket in hopes of finding a treasure. We found West Holmes Basketball programs and stats from 1955. If you have an idea of who I could donate these to, I'd appreciate it.
Check out the old hankie and suspenders!

If only these old kitchen cupboards were removable. Do you see the string dangling from the ceiling to turn on the light?
Can you see a treasure in these old kitchen utensils? There was a New Holland ice cream scoop! If I remember correctly, my grandma had one of those sturdy, dependable ones, too.

The wallpaper upstairs had a sweet vintage glam to it.

There was a sadness lingering in this historic house, and I wasn't able to figure out why. She reminisced and told stories as we wandered from room to room.

Here are some of the treasures we dug out.
She said it blessed her to see my expressions as I kept digging up treasures. It certainly blessed me, too!

I left a gift of love with her--the fruits of my labor, literally! I felt so grateful that not only did I have this amazing experience, but I also had a new friend.
I knew I had my work cut out for me for the rest of my afternoon. I scrubbed for four straight hours on my new-found treasures. I hammered and loved this old chicken feeder back to life.
These gallon jugs were probably the biggest challenge to get clean.

This coke carried me through, though.
Can you imagine buying your Coke in a glass gallon jug?
Check out this repurposed cute old chicken feeder. It would make a cute centerpiece at Christmas dressed up with white candles and some holly.

This was worth the sweat and labor. My Lucky Day. Its a rare #13 jar!

I love every one of these collectable old medicine jars.

Here are some of the treasures from my wonderful day of being a picker sister. I do believe I have it in my blood. Hope to one day go on tour:)
I think this brown square olive oil jug was my pick of the day, and he has found his home for now.
Thanks for going with me on this amazing treasure hunt! I hope you find a treasure today. It might be in antiques or in people you meet. Or, perhaps, just a moment you are in. 

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