Inspired By The City Of Columbus

On Thursday, I took a long overdue trip to see my friends in Columbus. I passed many garage sale signs but only stopped at one, and these were the treasures I found.
I needed the kind of inspiration one can only get from the city and couldn't wait to celebrate my friend's birthday. We relaxed at her house in the afternoon before heading out for her dinner.
We ventured to Delaware Ohio to Verita's Tavern where we dined molecular gastronomy style. It was a first-time experience for me, this modern-style cooking where the the scientists and culinary artists work together to create the best meal possible.
Everything is cooked fresh, and their Mojitos were amazing. The point is to order each dish individually, eating as you go, and sharing with everyone at table. Here is the order of our 9 course meal:

*Potted Blue Cheese +Mascarpone +Chocolate Biscuits +Toast Points +Port Wine Syrup
*Shrimp +Cucumber +Lime +Mango
*Brussels Sprouts +Butter +21Spices
*Tomato +Watermelon +Balsamic +Ricotta
*Chicken Wings +Shaved Celery +6 Blue Cheese Dip
*Fettuccine +Fresh Ohio Corn +Ohio Garlic +Truffles Bacon + Heavy Cream
*Charred Steak +Caramelized Coconut +Ginger Sauce
*Blackberry + Parfait +Pie
*Strawberry +Shortcake +Buttermilk Ice Cream

It was all amazing!!!
Yes, I did sneak a menu home with me so I could share the experience with you, too.
The next morning, I treated my friends to a breakfast from the country with local goodies I brought to the city.
Soon we were off to explore the city and look for inspiration.
We visited resale and thrift stores on the short north...
...then stopped by my friend Cheryl's downtown office.
There was a farmers' market, and I had to think of my friend Missy when I saw this food truck. She has a dream of one day having a taco truck similar to this.
I really liked the vintage look of this brew booth called Rambling House. It was her kids' business and she was a very friendly lady. She told me she has a lot of vintage things from her mother that she'd like to sell. I'm always amazed by how interesting and friendly people are if you just take the time to talk to them.
We stopped at more antique stores...
...and looked at store fronts for inspiration for the new Vintage Glam Studio opening soon. I'm getting so excited for this week because I get to do the display window of the store.

We pointed out things to each other just in case someone missed something important. I bought a retro lamp for the store's front window display. I'm planning to paint it a vibrant orange.
Next, we had lunch at an organic restaurant, the name of which I've forgotten. We closed our time together by splurging on a pedicure.
I dearly love my friend Cheryl and any time spent with her is always an inspiration.
I made a quick stop off at Trader Joe's. After all the amazing food, I was inspired to cook.
As I was checking out, the clerk told me of this amazing recipe.

It only takes 5 ingredients.

*Garlic Basil Pasta
*Smoked Salmon
*Olive Oil
*Shaved Asagio Cheese

I made it for my family last evening and we all LOVED it!

I also was inspired to make Mojitos from my fresh mint.
I'm always rejuvenated and inspired when I visit the city. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love living in the country, but I'm glad the city in within reach when I need it the most. I hope you're able to get a taste of whatever you might need today, and I also hope it inspires and refreshes you!

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