Unexpected Estate Sale Treasures

Today I had one mission, and one mission only, and that was not, under any circumstances, to leave my house.
I wanted to catch up on laundry, re-do my house, finish projects I had started for the Vintage Glam Studio, and tie up loose ends with bills and bookwork. So, when I got the call from my sweet friend Julia (above) about this estate sale that was having its last day and was in the throes of "let's make a deal," I was like, "Send pictures!" thinking to myself, This has to be a REAL good one, or I'm not going, especially given my endless to-do list.
Soon, the pictures rolled in, proving themselves to be worthy, and I responded, "I'm on my way".
I counted the cash in my purse on the way, thinking, I'm glad I don't have more, so I'm not tempted to buy what I don't need.

I got there and did the walk-through, thinking, Oh my! I should have brought more cash. Good thing I had enough of the green stuff to take this Coleman cooler home with me. 

This full set of gold-plated pineapple (8) glasses and complete juice set (10) with pitcher were the first things I bought. It's going to be tough not to keep this set. It's absolutely gorgeous. The picture doesn't do it justice. 

Loved these teal treasure finds. The tablets are from the...

...Barton Print Shop (since 1932) in Millersburg, Ohio. Also Joe Carnes from New Philadelphia, Ohio. The phone # is 6-5845. Do you remember when the phone numbers were like that?

These old wooden hangers caught my eye after I had paid. They were hiding under a table.

I'm keeping this butcher block cutting board for myself. Will be beautiful to serve cheese and olives on for hosting.

 I remember eating off of one these at my grandma's and aunt's houses. As I picked it up, the granddaughter of the household owner exclaimed, "I remember eating off of that!"

Here's another piece I almost missed. This sweet little wooden cabinet had to be unscrewed from the wall for me. Loved the treasures I found inside. It had old hooks for a shelf, which will be fun to find homes for.

This old lock and glass shampoo bottle were in this sewing box...

...along with lots of wooden spools.

These are the old-fashioned style clothes pins and by the texture, I can tell they have been handled many times. Think of all the love and acts of service that are in those pins.

For now, I piled them into these gallon jugs in my kitchen to remind me to be like the women from "back in the days," when they didn't whine about serving their families.

Check out these beautiful, vintage umbrellas that were in great shape. JACKPOT!

I really had to think about this projector, but was in such great shape, I couldn't turn it down. You will be able to buy it at the store.

Got a whole stack of vintage suitcases.

Here's another one displayed in our living room. Also scored that old quilt on my couch. I'm so happy with this treasure. It makes my living room cozy. Oh, and by the way, I did get the house all cozy, in spite of my treasure-hunting.

And I even cleaned out one of my flowerbeds and readied it for fall.

However, I never finished this coffee table for the store. Oh, well. Another day, another way.

These Good*Old*Days magazines from the 70's were in the free pile. There were also a bunch of old Holmes County Magazines. I told them to donate them to the Holmes County Library for their history room.

Funny story about these vintage bloomers. As I was backing out of the estate sale, Julia and Georgia insisted I needed these, too. They will make a fun storefront window display someday.

Speaking of the front window displays, here's the one we did this week. Now, people can see what we will have. We are shooting for October 1st for opening day.
So stinking excited!!!

As I left this sale, I felt blessed for friends like Julia who have my back when I'm too busy with life that I almost miss sales like these. If I get a deal, you will get a deal.
My Mom called me as I was leaving and asked if I could pick up pink lemonade for the party she was hosting tonight, so I did that, too. I officially have a new respect for this quaint little town with these amazing treasures.

Tonight, as I see Daisy the dog all snuggled up on our "new" old quilt, I'm feeling truly blessed for this day that didn't go as planned.
It was way more than I had planned, and I'm thankful for friends, old people and sunshine.

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