Exploring A Haunted House

This evening, I was on a mission to find a place for our family photo shoot which will take place in a couple of weeks. I decided to go see if the front porch of this old house my Dad owns would work for the occasion. Wouldn't a plush, red velvet couch look smashing in a family photo shoot? Problem is, I'm missing the couch. Oh, well. Anyway, I'd been in this house before, but it was about a year ago.

This wrap around porch with its fancy wood is priceless.

Before we even ventured inside the house, Syd came screaming bloody murder over this yellow spider that she insisted had to be poisonous.
 How will I get her to take a happy family picture when there are eight-legged creatures lurking about?

This wild elderberry grows beautifully on the side of house. I love the old black doors in the background. 

This old chandelier looked like it might need a new home.

I took these vintage teal glass ornaments home with me.

We carefully made our way upstairs. As I opened the antique door to this room, I smelled the sweet aroma of fresh honey.
Once again, Syd shrieked, but I certainly didn't!  Instead, I tried to squeeze in and get a close-up shot of this amazing harvest of honey comb still in the making.
Can you imagine my mom's soft, warm, homemade bread slathered with butter and dripping with fresh honey?!

This house was definitely ghost-buster worthy!

I didn't find many treasures, but this thrill was treasure enough.

OH! How cool is this old vinyl flooring?

These fleur de lis print vintage curtains were blowing in the breeze from the broken window.

Syd was more than happy to scurry down the stairs and head back home.

Even though I didn't find many treasures in this old house like I did today while sorting through my finds from the estate sale, there were a few here and there. 

As I went down these basement steps, Syd exclaimed, "Please, Mom, don't go down there! If the steps break, you'll be stuck!" I was like, "Oh! Never thought of that. Good thinking."

I got a good dose of feeling spooked, and I also fed my need for inspiration. As we left, this black cat met us at the door.

Well, it fit in perfectly with our tour of this haunted old house! Sure, it's not really haunted, but, hey, it's the season for such things, right?

Next, we were off to find a pumpkin stem for this Pinterest velvet pumpkin I made today.
We found one, appropriately enough, at the farmers' market.

Along with these red beets that are waiting for me as I'm finishing up this blog.
Once again, I enjoyed taking you along on this adventure. Hope your weekend was as great as mine!
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