Peach Smoothie Recipe

This morning at the crack of dawn my Mom cracked her whip and said Lets freeze our smoothies early, before the day starts.
2 gallon fresh peaches
1 gallon fresh pineapples
1 gallon red grapes
4 cans white grape juice concentrate
32 ounces pineapple juice
 Mix together and put 2 cups in a quart size bag to freeze. When making smoothies put in blender with 1 cup of vanilla yogurt.
This made us 25 bags.
As I grabbed my coffee at 7 am this morning to walk over to Mom's to get-er-done. I watched the fog lift from the field, across the street. I was thinking how I'd be lost without my Mothers help.
When I walked in Mom had most the peaches peeled already.
I commended to her I don't know how you Amish ladies do it!
I cut up the pineapples as we reminisced on life.
We helped each other pick the grapes off the stem to complete the batches of smoothies. We did one for her and myself. She did a batch for herself earlier in season. They liked them so much that she decided to do another batch for when they go to Florida this winter. She loves to serve her guests this refreshing treat, when they come to play cards. Which is a Amish peoples past time since they don't have TV. Especially the old folks like Dads;)

Soon we had our 50 bags filled 25 for her and same for me.
It's easier if one holds bags and other one scoops it in bag using a 1 cup measuring cup.
My Mom is one of the most organized women I know. By 9am we had her kitchen all cleaned up and she was wheeling our fruits of labor on her little cart to her freezer then on to the walkway that is laid up to our house.
Now that wasn't that bad was it?! She exclaimed.
I was soon off to my day of running errands. First stopping for a appointment to get van fixed. Then on the heart of Amish Country to...

deliver GoGo Granola Bars.
I'm asked daily if I still am doing Lena's Amish Granola. The answer is yes!
The reason many are asking is My friend Summer and I are opening a new store Vintage Glam Studio in Berlin on October 8 2013.
Both business's have been a fun, learning experience for me.
I'm at the point in my life where I wear many hats as the day goes by. Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter and both business's.
Am I having fun doing it? YES! Am I wondering if I must be nuts at times? YES! Do I enjoy this season in my life? YES!
Will I always be able to manage this? NO!
I have a amazing father that connects me to reality and gives me the energy I need at this time. That I'm gracious for.
After all its all fun stuff.
I'm also blessed with a husband that has gone the extra mile.
Make some smoothies to enjoy them year round and feel free to share them, or the recipe with your family and friends.
*Little bleep
I'm helping and attending a family Amish wedding this week. They gave me permission and asked me to take pictures. Just a little excited! Stay toned:)

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