Country Living Fair In Columbus 2013

Yesterday was a day I've been looking forward to for a long time. The Country Living Fair comes to Columbus every September. This was the third year I've attended.
I do believe this was the best year yet. Every year they're more vendors and more treasures to find then the year before.
This year my daughter Felicia (R) and my friend Missy(L)
went with me. It was the first time for both of them.
We stopped at Pioneer in Utica on the way to get us fueled up for the day.
There was traffic already lined up on the highway, when we were getting off the ramp. Just to give you a idea of what a well attended event this great fair is.
There was eye candy everywhere. So much teal...in every shade you can ever imagine. Every year I leave something behind that I can't forget about. This year I did buy this beautiful old metal lawn chair in the above picture. However the treasure I can't seem to get out of my mind is the vintage old teal little truck. I know it found the perfect home somewhere so I will be at peace with that.
Not sure where this teal vintage metal chair will find its new home at by our porches. What I do know, is that I will love it where ever its placed! Syd sat on it this morning and exclaimed "I had no idea these  chairs were so comfortable to sit on!"

How creative this antique booth was, to put these signs on the ground for display.
Loved how creative he displayed...

all his quaint pieces and collectables.

Last minute I made a fun sign out of a burlap coffee bag. WE STOP FOR FUNKY JUNK to hang on the back of our wagon.
We had many people take pictures of the funky sign or stop us and tell us they liked it.

So many fun and inspiring people attending this annual event.

This was a creative way to display these white pumpkins.

Oh I got one these suitcases at the Estate Sale last week. Do you remember seeing it on my blog?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! This rusty old bed springs makes a perfect funky junk display.
Anything trash to treasures catches my eye.
Here I was at the right place at the right time.
 He was doing his stretches and the basket protected him from the sun. The camera rested on his chest as they both took a break. 
Felicia liked finding the spoon rings and hippy cloth. She enjoyed the event even more then we both had anticipated.
What a colorful wrap! *As I annoyed this gentleman, when I stopped and asked him to capture yet another photo. This fair was a photographers dream event to attend.

However I always take all my pictures with my phone and know if I'd take the time to take them with my camera, the pictures would be even clearer and better for you. This is the easy way to transfer them to blogger and IG. So that's the route I'm choosing to take at this time. Since time is what I'm limited with. I just don't want to loose the excitement of my adventures. It seems like the sooner I get them written to the experience the more real it is for you and me both. I love taking you with me through my blogs as you can tell!

Jeni's Ice Cream had their truck there also. Best ice cream in Columbus!

With this cooler weather that came our way this week and this seasonal event. I'm now even more excited to decorate for fall.
I have always wanted to collect a number. I wanted it to be a number that had meaning to it. So I chose the number "5". Since there are 5 in our household.

Met these nice ladies. They were from the German Village area. I asked what she was going to do with her tin? She was thinking about painting the lid a fun color then topping it with a round glass. I'd love seeing it complete.
One of the fun things I like about these events is all the new friends I meet and am thankful for social media as well as emails to keep us connected. Places like these are packed with people that have great talent and think out of the box.

Wishing I would have planted some oriental cabbage this spring. I always forget how nice it looks in the fall displays with pumpkins and gourds.

How we got these pumpkins to balance perfectly on top of Felicia's head? I have no idea.

Here's a new friend Alana I met this year. She is with the Sisters On The Fly group. They are an amazing group of ladies that revamp old campers and glamp, fish, and travel together nation wide! She commented how she loves my necklace I was wearing(bought at last years event). Soon I found out why she loves it. She is the owner of the Nest in Chicago. My necklace had the word NEST on it with a bird nest. So I gifted it to her. 

We just made a instead soul sister connection. I wanted to bring something back with me that reminded me of her and I wanted something that I'd use daily so I'd remember to pray and think her way when I'd use it. Sara the co-owner was very helpful assisting me with picking out these one of a kind salt and pepper shakers with a matching flour shaker. #HAPPY

I'm already using them in tonight's dinner preparation. It reminds me of her and how many great business women there are all over the world.
All the ladies at the Sister On The Fly were so friendly and their treasures are a reasonable price.
Also met these two fun ladies Kris and Pam.
Here are a couple treasure's I bought from them.
I think these pretty jars would be perfect to hold homemade scrubs to gift to a friend.
Melody and me met last year. She's from Columbus and we stayed connected via facebook. She was excited I brought her some of my  Lena's Amish Granola GoGo Bar for her.
The industrial look is a fad right now and I love it! We're so excited to bring this look into our the new store Vintage Glam Studio.
Here's my friend Summer's booth. She's so creative!
Her booth is always a favorite of mine.

If I had the perfect place for this rusty Bar sign I would have bought it.
This chicken feeder is still trying to find the perfect spot in our home. It's already not on the table but up on the mantle. I placed battery lights in it with a touch of bittersweet.

This cute little old lady was the Grand Finale of the show. She serenaded us with Shakespeare as her daughter told us she was a retired Shakespeare teacher. She said I wish you gals lived close to me, cause I'd want to be your girlfriend. Our feelings were mutual. Still wishing we'd asked the wise women's age.
We left feeling exhausted but freshly inspired.
We wanted to stop by Marshall's Department store afterward. The GPS led us down unknown streets to this Marshell's martini bar. It made for a good laughter. Thought you'd enjoy this little mishap as well.
Next we stopped by my friend's new Crimson Design office.
Absolutely adore the white polished floors in this studio!
Loved the industrial feel with the glam that these stunning chandeliers brought, the whole ambiance together.
What a inspiring this maxed out day was, as I spend it with family, old and new friends. I'm trying to never take these experience for granted.
Enjoy the moment and live your life to the fullest. Also surround yourself with people that inspire you.


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