Finding Teasures in Sarasota

There are so many treasures to find at my favorite vacation spot-- Sarasota, Florida!
What I like about holidaying here (as the French would call their vaca) is it's like a home away from home. I know the city like the back of my hand, and every time I visit I find new things or places I LOVE!

One my favorite things to do, other than catching up on my vitamin D, is going to Goodwills and garage sales. This year, I also found a couple cool salvage yards and snapped up these crystals for the chandelier that hangs above our kitchen table.

I still need two more like this in my future treasure hunts to make it look complete.

My precious daughter and I had so much fun looking for deals we couldn't turn down. I found this scarf at Ross's for $7. and I'm guessing I already got my moneys worth out of it. I've worn it almost every day.

I have always wanted one of these brushes that my hairdresser Bambi uses, and now I have one that I scored for a buck. Also got that glitzy diamond watch at a garage sale; all it took to get it ticking again was a battery replacement. I think I could be a millionaire and still shop at garage sales and thrift stores. I LOVE IT THAT MUCH:)

Not all the our treasures we found were things. Some were moments, pictures, and unique people, too.

So, as we went about our week, we purposely looked for treasures big and small.
At this nice garage sale, Sydni found an iPod for a measly $2. The screen was broken on it and we happened to have a replacement screen at home. It's being changed as I write.

This collectible fabulous car was eye candy.

We always go to Miller Alehoue on Wednesday nights for lobster.

I snagged a couple of my Christmas decorations for a great deal, too.

I think this soft, fluffy pillow is one of my favorites!

Who knew they have a street named after one of my dear friends, and it's even spelled with a "C," just like hers!

I've been on a search for a new laundry basket, and the letter "S." I found both and loaded the basket up with my treasures, then sent it home with the Amish bus, since we were flying.

One of the highlights of this amazing little getaway in paradise was seeing our dear friend Katie Troyer. Love her outlook on life! She takes pictures of Pinecraft and also writes blogs daily of what is going on in this quaint little village in Sarasota.
 Hope you enjoyed our treasure hunt, and here's to the possibility of YOUR future visit to Sarasota!

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