The Drum Circle In Sarasota And A Walk On the Pier On Anna Marie Island

I just got back from a relaxing week of working hard and playing hard.
My daughter Syd and I went to open up and clean my parents' house in Sarasota, Florida.
I had a couple of business meetings and the rest was all fun stuff and relaxing.

One of the highlights was going to the rejuvenating drum circles that take place on Siesta Key Beach on Sunday evenings. You get to watch all kinds of unique people dance.

We usually plan our trips there so that we hit two Sunday evening drum circles.

Some dance in the ocean, some on the beach, and others in the drum circle.

Someone left their dancing shoes behind, hidden in the grass.

This guy was giving all the children neon lights. Was wondering what his story was?

Some are more hairy than scary:)

Syd loves the soft sand on Siesta Key. We like the shells and the waves better at Lido Beach, but there is nothing like feeling the powder-like sand under your feet on the best beach in the world.

So many beautiful people you see when you travel.

This guy is from Germany and just bought his first vacation home in Sarasota.

There are all ages and walks of life in the people you meet here. One thing we all have in common is "We love Sarasota!"

We got luck to see the Sand Sculpture event on Siesta also--an added bonus.

We always like to drive up the coast one afternoon to Anna Marie Island to eat coconut shrimp. I was sad that the one restaurant on the pier had a fire and is closed now. We always tried to decide between the ugly and the nice one. Well, the ugly one had the fire, and that was our favorite. So we opted for the shrimp at the nice one, and we were happy, too.

We got the shot of this guy on Veterans' Day because we thought he was dressed appropriately.

We love the beaches out on this breathtaking island!

Sometimes we see dolphins and manatees, but this evening we just saw many beautiful birds.

Syd loves taking pictures as much as I do, so she gets half these shots I use for the blog.

We were always fighting to own the camera;)

I do believe if I lived here, I would attend the amazing sunsets at the beach more than most residents do.

We took many walks along the ocean as our stress and worries slowly melted away.

There was so much beauty all around in the sea, air, and ground.

These birds would swoop close to Syd's head to dive in the water for the fish.

Hope you're enjoying the walks with us...

and your tension is melting away.

No matter if you have to wear the long white socks in the north or the south, what matters is that you capture the moment and relax, no matter what you're doing.
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