Touring My Dream Home In The Hills Of Ohio's Amish Country

I've admired this cozy cottage styled home for years and never knew who lived in it.
Until I took this above picture on Instagram a couple days ago and commented on the fact that I want to live in this house. Soon one of my followers said "It's for sale!" Long story short two days later I was touring this dream home.
I will take you on a tour with Jan and me. There are so many wonderful personal touches to this home.
Wouldn't you love to sit around this beautiful farm table on Christmas morning with your family and friends?
Jan the house owner told me her brother used to play with this truck. What a collectable!
I loved her style of d├ęcor!
There was so many little details of love that showed  up everywhere.

One the biggest presence I felt as she told me stories and memories was how important family was to her.

She'd tear up when she would talk about her grandchildren. I could tell she was a good grandma but also that her home has been cared for as well as her family.

This was the cozy den area.

Her kitchen cabinets were Amish made, she designed herself.

 Her granddaughter Tori loved to jump on grandma's well made bed. I'm not going to lie I wanted to join her.

One of the unique things about older homes is the quaint little doors. This door is the entrance to the attic.

If I remember right every bedroom had it's own bathroom.
I think it would be perfect for hosting over night guests.

The views were stunning on every level. As I looked out and noticed the cedar roof that was on this priceless one-of-a-kind spring house.
In past years I have taken many pictures of this spring house with the cozy country styled candles lit in the windows. Who would of ever dreamed I'd get to tour the inside of it?!
It was like a photographer's dream with the details in this spring house.

This beautiful wooden wheel chandelier was so happy to have a purpose to shine for my tour.

This is a drinking fountain made out of sandstones.
It's was as beautiful and unique as it's owner Jan.
She said that you never get tired of the view and if I have a bad day all I have to do is sit on my front porch and realize how blessed I really am.

Next she showed me her studio. We opened the door and what do I see! EYE CANDY!!!!

I exclaimed "I like the VW swag wagon better then your house!" She had no idea that this really was my dream car.

The owner to this cool groovy ride makes these authentic sweaters from the alpaca farm he used to own.
It was a cool unexpected blessing to have found this treasure (VW bus) in the hills of Holmes County that I had no idea existed.

The landscape to this homestead is simply stunning.
So many little details that have been added over the years.

Yes! this dream home even has a in ground pool.

The views over looking the quaint little town of Millersburg are breath taking.
So if your looking for your dream home in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country I can help you get connected to the owner for your own personal tour.
Until then let me say it doesn't hurt to dream, sometimes they do come true:)
Thank you Jan for letting me share your beautiful home with others to enjoy!


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