Free Fireplace Makeover

Yesterday, I finally did what I had been thinking about doing for the past six months.

Here's a shot of the before and after.

As you can see, it's one of those mantles that are designed to be set up against the wall.
Allen had given it to me years ago as a Christmas gift, made by a little shop that used to be in Millersburg.
Well, I always got frustrated because the mantle was never big enough to set much on.
Plus, the stars had to go. They served their purpose when needed. They just popped right off with a little help from a kitchen knife.

Next, I took some old white paint I had and a rag and just whitewashed it on until I had the shade of white I wanted. I've found this is easier than painting it then rubbing or sanding it off.

For the mantle, I used an old wooden table board that had come out of an old house.
I sawed of the little knobby things that stuck out of the one side then polished it with a little dark mahogany stain.

Next, I screwed the table board on top. YAY! I have a revamped fireplace for absolutely FREE!

As you can see, it now can hold my seasonal displays on a bigger ledge.

So I went around the house and through my flower gardens to find what was needed for this silver glitzy fall display.

A while ago, I had picked up a paper shredder at a goodwill for $3.50. Now I can shred sheet music for fluff to finish displays like these.
I probably messed with this display longer than I did repurposing the fireplace.

Of course, that was a total room makeover before the end of the day!

I went in the garden and dug out hens-n-chicks to bring a little green to the setting.

This setting is now on my coffee table.

As I'm writing this blog, I'm glancing over at the setting and still loving it this morning.

As I look to the left, this is what I see--a big mess waiting for me to display. So, I had better go do that now.
I hope this motivates you to use what you have or perhaps stop by Vintage Glam Studio to pick up a couple pieces that will make you feel happy and cozy as you enjoy your home.

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