Missy's House At Christmas 2013

 Today, my dear friend Missy invited me over for a spur-of-the-moment brunch.
I so enjoyed seeing her house all decorated for Christmas.
These burlap ruffled curtains are made by a local Amish lady. Aren't they adorable and cozy!?!

Come with me on a ride through Amish country to her house and my trip back.
I purposely took the "off-the-beaten-path" route in hopes of capturing the newly fallen snow that arrived over night.
This guy above is on my bucket list.

As I arrived at her house, I was greeted with this welcoming outdoor Christmas d├ęcor.
Love it all!

She handmade this cute sign out of burlap and old boards for her entryway.

She moved her fairy gardens inside and put mini lights on the tree.

This old red truck parked on her shelf was adorable.

She had made a delicious quiche, Greek yogurt, some fresh pomegranate, and my own Lena's Amish Granola Pomegranate granola sprinkled on top. Talking about being impressed. YES! I was! Along with a tropical fruit drink and a Starbuck's coffee. ummmhmmm!

We sat around and inspired each other and refused to partake in gossip while we relaxed in her cozy living room.

Little miss Willow kept us entertained with her sweet self.

Missy's living room features mostly whites.

Our mutual friend, Mary, from Mary's Garden Parties, painted this sign for the office/entryway.

Missy made these paper flowers.

An old bike strung with big, old-fashioned, colored Christmas bulbs rests in the front entryway to their welcoming home.

If you follow my blogs, you'll remember the bike from when we found it on the Lincoln-Way garage sales.

 I was so blessed to just sit and visit in her cozy home, but I also enjoyed the drive to and fro.

This Amish guy was driving his team of horses down the road with a pail of date pudding dessert in his right hand. It made me chuckle to see him multitasking.:)
Never mind that I was doing the same.

Also stopped to capture a picture of my favorite rusty blue that I sneak pictures of year round.

To complete my day, I stopped by the local thrift store where I found this vintage old mirror for a couple bucks.
Capeashe! My day is complete!!!

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