Sparkles & Spirits In Columbus

The Stauffers threw a Celebration with class, sparkles and amazing food! They are dear friends who have worked very hard and are deserving of the success the Crimson Design Group has brought them. This party was a celebration of their new office space in the Short North in Columbus.

Here, the red carpets are waiting to be rolled out for this special event, held along with my friend Brian who houses...

...Brian Coovert Florist in this fine studio also. Brian is the one in the center. He has amazing talent!

Here are the faces of Crimson Design Group and Brian Coovert Florist.
Beautiful people.

Cheryl and I are there for each other as friends, but also when we celebrate. This past year, she was a great help when we celebrated a milestone with our oldest daughter Felicia's Graduation Party, and I helped her when she did the Parade of Homes.
So on Friday, when the snowstorm arrived, Jesus and I took a dangerous, snowy drive to Columbus. As I thanked him along the way, the scene of the Rope Walker Over Grand Canyon came to my mind. Unfortunately, Allen had another commitment he couldn't get out of, so as I had promised Cheryl I'd be there, and I was. Oh, and how glad I was that I had!!!
My little signature cheesecakes made it!
Cheryl and me:)
As I mingled with people, I heard story after story of the difference this wise woman has made in their lives.
She believes in people, sees the good in them, and speaks truth into their lives as she loves them along the way. I feel very blessed to have a mentor/friend like her in my life.

Let's move on to the amazing food they served. Here, you can see how they displayed smoked salmon on a mirror.

The tables were all breathtakingly beautiful.

Lots of yummy food!!!

Displays straight out of the movies.

So colorful and almost too beautiful to eat!


This was the dessert bar.

This red chandelier hanging above the champagne ice bar was so stunning!

As I sat in this chair and watched 200+ people come and go, I was so thankful for being in the moment of the whole magical soiree.
Who would have ever guessed this Amish girl would be attending a party like this one?

Cheryl with her brother Wendall.

There were two of these crystal chandeliers hanging in an all-white studio office.

You can see Brian's amazing flower arrangements.

Check out these unique, whimsical Christmas trees!

So much beauty all around.

This is the front entrance looking through the glass conference room wall.

I'm glad you got to attend this enlightening celebration with me.
I give the photo credit of a couple of these pictures to Comfort Photograph. They did a magnificent job at capturing the moments. To see the pictures Comfort took, like their Facebook page.

Taking the drive back to the country the next day, I was amazed by God's beauty all around. I weaved my way back to the reality of life feeling blessed to have not only connected with a couple of new friends in the city, but had also experienced the party of a lifetime.

Spread your joy wherever you go!!!

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