Summer's Christmas Party 2013

So, are you ready to go with me to another one of Summer's amazing parties?!
This year, she has lime green accents sprinkled in with her sparkles and glitz.

I don't know how she does it, but every year tops the previous one. The food she presents is like it's straight from the Pioneer Woman's kitchen.

The vignettes she comes up with are Pinterest heaven.

Amy's bow-bun was part of our many discussions.

Here's a link to how she did it:)

Here, Nicole and I are hanging out under the chandelier.

What made this party even more festive was that it was in the middle of a snowstorm.

Everyone brings a gift so we can steal, grumble and sigh as our gifts are snatched away and traded. She printed a cute game off Pinterest.

She served her amazing spread in her newly revamped craft room. Hope to show a future blog on this sparkling, breathtaking room.

Shana, Missy, Summer, Nicole, and Amy.
Lucky to have all these sweet ladies in my life!

This white Christmas display is in her cozy bedroom.

I think I could never get out of this bed on snowy days.

Her living room with a fresh boxwood wreath.

She made this mint chocolate cake herself.

I'm blessed to have Summer as a friend and a business partner. She has been so inspiring and is also a soul sister to me.
Hope you have people in your life who inspire you.

Enjoy this season and remember, it's all about relationships and our Savior.

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