Walking Through German Village To See The Glow Of The Christmas Lights

Last evening, my precious daughters and I went to Columbus to see our friends. They invited us to walk through the beautifully-lit streets of German Village.

What a treat it was! We peeked inside some of the little shops along the way. Felicia, Sydni, and I stopped to pose by this pretty light-wrapped tree.

Felicia was soaking up the glow of the magical evening as she waited on this street bench while the others roamed through a local bakery, its sweet, heavenly aroma flowing out the front door.


and Cheryl even got to pet a real, live camel in the heart of this cute little village. Syd commented that it was as soft as the pillow we found in Florida.

There was a beautiful white horse decked out in bells. He jingled down the brick streets as he pulled the wagon of jolly good fellas!

This house was open to view with the hostess serving delicious eggnog.
It still perplexes us how they fit this gigantic Frasier Fir Christmas tree into their cozy home.

This wonderful holiday walk really set the tone for the month. After all, it was December 1st.

Many businesses served hot chocolate and cookies.

I've always enjoyed these homes in the spring when I attend their annual garage sales (hit link to see that blog). I do believe I even enjoyed this Christmas season even more.

Of course, you can't walk past the famous Pistacia Vera without making a stop.

On this evening walk through German Village to see the Christmas lights, we enjoyed the company we were in and the luminaries that lit the walks along the way.

I hope you enjoyed the relaxing stroll with us, and that you can soak up some holiday spirit to get you ready for the month to come, too!
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