Painting My Kitchen White During a Whiteout Blizzard

We have been having a lot of commotion going on at the Schlabach house this past week. We are still in the process of remodeling two bathrooms. We gutted both small bathrooms on the main floor to make one bigger bathroom and added a new bathroom downstairs where one was sorely needed.
We are thankful for the parents' house next door where we sometimes sleep, depending on when the Amish construction workers are scheduled to show up the next morning. Many times, we opt to sleep where we won't have to hear hammers at six a.m.
I hit a low a couple of days ago, not knowing where I could cook or do laundry. I decided to hide out at Mom's and not even check on the progress.
Saturday morning, I planned to ignore the fact that our home needs some cleaning and just live in it for the weekend.
Lord only knows why, but I walked in the front door and decided to immediately give my drab kitchen a refreshening. This picture above was the grey it was before with these '80s shades I always tried to hide in pictures.
I had already picked up the replacement drapes and rod a while ago but had wanted to wait until we were done with construction. I just couldn't wait any longer, so the shades flew out the back door into the blizzard we were having.

In a couple of hours, the white paint I'd chosen for the new bathroom was now on my kitchen walls.

The drapes were hung and the floor was scrubbed.

I moved the cabinet to different spaces just to change things up. I'm thinking of putting this antique cabinet in the new bathroom upstairs to store towels and such in.

Everything else pretty much remained as it was before, but it looked so different and light with the white wall.

As I placed this gifted air fern by the kitchen sink, I felt blessed in more ways than one. A week ago, we installed a new kitchen countertop. Slowly but surely we are getting the projects done and our house is starting to feel like a home again.

So thankful I just painted it instead of making excuses.

The milk glass and ironstone even look better.
Our living room, dining room and kitchen are all in one big open space, so this teal-colored wall in the rest of the space looks good with the whites.

The best part is putting things back together.

I love using what I have and simply switching things around.

I think I like this skull antler mount here, but my guess is he will be lucky to stay in this space until spring.

It was a perfect day to stay inside and paint as I'd glance out the window and see the blizzard on the outside.

So happy with my fresh new kitchen!!!

I can hardly wait to share with you the bathroom remodels. If all goes as scheduled, we will be showering and soaking in bubbles by next weekend. YAHOO!!!

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