Thrift Store Chairs Get a Facelift

One evening this past week, I was in desperate need of some Pinterest therapy.
I scored this set of green chairs at a thrift store awhile ago for six bucks each, so I really didn't have much to lose when trying this first-time experiment of painting the fabric of these grunchy, blah chairs.

I started with the pillow. First I spritzed it down with water until it was pretty wet.

I used two parts acrylic paint to one part fabric medium. I chose a charcoal grey color, then applied paint to my brush, scraping most of it off again. Next, I swished the brush back and forth over my velvet fabric until it was nicely covered.

Backing up a bit, let's look at the frame. I taped off the fabric and used a white paint I had left over from painting walls...

...to paint the wood and cane part of the chair.
I then removed the tape and painted the fabric.

 I absolutely love the fresh, new color of this renewed chair. Now to buckle down and do the other one.
Hoping you're inspired to try new things on this cold winter day.

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