Thrift Store Challenge

A week ago, I came up with a fun thrift store challenge for a couple of my friends. The rules to:
*spend within a $1 of  $25.
*the deadline was 12/31/13
*send me a picture of treasures along with a picture of receipt
Kathy's Instagram link:
BEFORE: Made in China. Broken handle. Non-stick surface gone.  
AFTER: Revere ware made in U S. copper bottoms. 5 pieces! $16.00
BEFORE: Ugly chimney
AFTER: What a difference $3.00 makes
Plus a beautiful fruit plate for $4.
This is my $24.55 miracle!

Here are my finds. Ten items, 22.72 plus tax of 1.53 = $24.25 I love the cozy feel of vintage and classic items in my home.

Alyssa's Instagram:
Alyssa's Photography website and blog:
"Although I went over to a total of $27.83, I found some really great finds and that's all that matters! I got some new tops, some nice tops for Taylor, decor, and some great items for my newborn photography! Plus, I got a fur vest for $10! WIN!"


Martha's business page:
1) Bag of pears for my fruit bowl: $2.50
2) Vintage electronic dart board for basement that the boys and hubby love: $5
3) New quart can of Sherwin Williams white paint for projects: $4
4) Set of four plastic file trays to use upright on my clothes shelf to divide my clothes piles: $1.50
5) Small clear storage box to help with organizing: $1.50
6) Four pack of new scrubbies for sink: $1
7-8) Two beautiful doilies, edged in blue: $2
9-10) Mustard-yellow placemats, set of 2: $1
11) Large white lace for cabin mantle: $4
12) New sea salt grinder: $1
13) Set of two champagne glasses: $2
Also got my husband something for a $1. That's on the receipt but doesn't go with this challenge.



Brian's business page:
My thrift store challenge began with a typical search for fun and vintage items that I don’t necessarily need but want because I can never pass up a good deal. I love to find items that I can repurpose, reuse, recycle, and modernize. After all, that’s how my whole house has been furnished! I was able to complete the challenge at one store and spent a whopping $24.09 with tax!

But as I was scouring the shelves and racks, I found myself in the book section, an area I do not usually frequent. As the new year was approaching, It seemed that I was searching for knowledge. There were so many books to choose from, it was very hard to decide. In the end, it was evident. I chose a few of my favorite categories; gardening, cooking, meditation, and, of course, being fab.
Two of these books have already proven useful. From the “One Pot” book, I was able to prepare a delicious corn and sweet potato chowder, and Brini Maxwell’s “Guide To Gracious Living” had the best recipe for deviled eggs (also known as oblong heaven), AND she had the best secret for removing the white rings from wood furniture that glasses often leave--mayonnaise! I was able to use these little gems for an intimate dinner party I hosted for New Year's Eve, and both dishes, along with the book itself, were a big hit.
Of course, no trip to the thrift store is complete without purchasing something shiny, and I’m a real sucker for silver. I also found a wonderful silver plated compote. It was $2.99, a little over my budget of $25.00, but I purchased it anyway and used it to display some wonderful chocolate truffles for the party.
I can hardly wait to read and explore the other books which include The Book of Virtue, Life’s Little Instruction Book, The Girls Book-How to be the Best at Everything, a four book set on gardening and landscaping, The Knot’s book of Wedding Flowers, a book on Tappas, and finally, a vintage book, From the Butchers Block, which has more great Irish and Welsh recipes.
I hope all of this is as helpful to you as I know it’s going to be for me. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate. Best of luck, and happy thrifting!


When you asked me to participate in this, I couldn't wait to tell Adam, because he is the king of thrifting! So, on Saturday morning we headed out to find our treasure. We went to Killbuck first so we could enjoy breakfast at Creekside cafe, which was wonderful. We stopped at Harvest Thrift Shop, but nothing caught our eye. We then headed to Millersburg where we stopped at Goodwill, Save & Serve Thrift Shop, Starlight Antiques, Pioneer Loft, and the Antique Emporium, and the only things we found were two work sweatshirts for Adam, and a Coleman cooler for the kids to take somewhere and never return. Today, Sunday, we headed to Wooster. We had cleaned out Adam and Douglas's closets so we had some stuff to donate anyway. We struck out again! Then Adam wanted to go to Everything Surplus. So I walked over to the Clothing Warehouse and it was 75% off your total purchase! Score!  I know I will find a use for my vases. I really love the wooded ones! When you asked me to do this, I had a specific thing I was looking for because I had just rearranged my bedroom, and I had a free wall I wanted to utilize! But what I learned about going to thrift stores through this excursion is you might not always find what you are looking for, but there is still treasure to be found! Thanks, Lena, for this weekend adventure!


Dawn's instagram:
Dawn is my sweet friend who I met on Instagram.
She has a knack for decorating her farmhouse-style home with things she thrifts. Go follow her and be inspired.
I just took a couple screen shots of the treasures she found.

Julia's instagram:
Here are all the goodies!  If some look familiar, it's because you had Deb put them back for you around Thanksgiving when you had two family weddings in a month's time and had to fly your daughter to and fro.  No wonder you may have forgotten. But never fear, they will appear as soon as we can get together!  :) 

Well, I didn't even realize until now that I failed the challenge by only spending around $20.
One thing that I've learned when thrifting is that you need to stay open minded, and rarely do you find exactly what you were looking for that day; however, I got lucky and found a brand new coffeemaker that works great when we host guests or to fill Allen's thermos when he goes hunting. We only had the Keurig, which makes one cup at a time. I also got a cake stand for only $1.50, along with a long banner of Jerusalem for .50 cents that I want to Mod Podge on a board to hang in my bedroom, since I'm redecorating it with a travel theme. I'll share that on a future blog. The .25 patterns I'll use as tissue paper for gifts or craft projects. 

The one thing I got at a thrift store in the last week that wasn't part of this challenge was this crystal chandelier. It was the best find of the year.
I did this challenge for fun, and I thank all of you who participated in it.
I hope it motivates you to thrift and decorate on a dime.
Here are some links:
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I'm thankful you took the time to read this blog full of many details and inspiring links. Maybe if you click on all of them, this winter storm will be in the past. ;)
Stay cozy and warm until your next thrifting adventure.

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