Spring Bunting Made Out Of Burlap And Paint Samples

This morning I woke up with a rude awakening.
First of all Quinton was having a little fuss over his jeans all being to small.
The next thing I knew the Mr. of the house came stumble back in the front door as fast as he went out. Asking "Do you have to go anywhere today?" FLAT TIRE :(
So as I proceeded to find my coat to cover up my not yet dressed for the day body. Soon we scrambled out the front door in the freezing wind that felt colder then 15 degrees.
Next thing I knew the two kids jumped in our van and told me I can drop them off at their school after dropping off Daddy.
Wouldn't you know the gas light is showing and I never grabbed my purse. Allen to the rescue. After I had them all dropped off I stopped off to get gas in my less then appropriate attire.
To be honest if I did what I felt like I'd went back home to bed. It looked like a blizzard on the outside. Was wondering if I could hibernate like a bear till spring.
I decided instead to give myself a little therapy session.
So I planned on making a spring bunting to hang up on my ladder above my kitchen island.
I had picked up some pretty pink paint samples a while ago in hopes of making a Valentine craft and we never got to it.
First I decided to cut different styles to see which I liked best for what I had envisioned in my head.
I decided to go with the one on the right.
So next I laid my pattern from the paint sample cutout on top of my burlap squares so they would be the same size.
I had a deeper pink samples that I made the flowers from. I just folded the sample over twice and cut a rounded peddle to make these easy flowers.
I had gotten this punch at a thrift store a while ago. So I used the tulip shape to punch the holes to string the jute twine through.
Next I measured how long a twine I needed with leaving about 8 inches on each side extra to tie the bunting to the ladder.
I kept these cute tulip punch outs to slide in a card or a note in the future.
The next step I took was folding the twine in half to find the middle then I slid the string through till the first paint sample was in the middle.
Worked out perfect because the twine covered the wording on the top of the cards.
I then hot glued the burlap banners on.
Next I glued the flowers on the burlap...
then the white little button.
When I'm home alone I enjoy listening to Pandora. This morning I needed praise and worship music. Sometimes when I need to clean or take the bull by the horn kind of chore then it is usually 80's music.
In a hour my therapy session was over and I was rewarded with a shabby chic style bunting and a positive attitude.
Should I have worked on my taxes instead? "YES!"
Seems I am making any excuse I can instead of doing them. All that aside I'm giving myself till April 1st ;). Just kidding Allen!!! (in case your reading this)
Turned out so cute!
I also want to show you how you can make terrarium globes out of votive cups and light globes.
The globe on left is a real terrarium globe that I had gotten years ago. The middle one is a large votive cup that fits in a wall scones. I got it at a thrift store yesterday for .75 cents. I then took a glass wine bottle stopper that I had and wrapped it with jute (the same kind I used for bunting), then wedged it in the top hole. Was so happy how beautiful it turned out! I also got that cute ironstone trophy cup that's underneath this treasure for only a quarter. I then filled it with baby's breath. The one on the right was a lamp shade cover and I just took a piece of rope and put a knot on the one end, then strung it through the hole on top.
Hoping this motivates you to have a cozy spring home on the inside till we get to have the spring weather on the outside.
Guess it is kind of like that with our own soul. We have to work on the inside before we can have it show on the outside!?!

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