Trash to Treasures and Free Printables

Yesterday we had another snow day here in Amish Country, so we stayed home, caught up on our sleep, and surfed the Web and Pinterest for inspiration.
As the sun set, I decided to put to use the inspiration that had influenced me.
Photo credit for the above picture goes to my daughter Sydni.
A while ago, I had snagged this ugly little bench at a local thrift store for two quarters.
First, I painted it with leftover paint from a cabinet I had done earlier.
I gave it two coats.
Then I Googled French chic free printable and found just what I wanted. I learned that if you use a printable with writing, you'll have to find one that looks backward.
Next, I used a piece of wax paper and put it through my copier instead of copy paper.
Sydni helped me drop it into Microsoft Word to size it correctly for my bench.

When the bench was dry, I printed it out and placed it right away, using the Altoids box to rub it on. BAM! Easy as that!!!:)
I have no idea what it says, but I like the look and the font.
I sanded the corners and had myself the cutest little bench that I treasure.
Maybe tonight I'll put a coat of finishing wax on to complete it.
I'll use this bench a lot for hosting and displaying food and in vignettes in my decor.
I was also inspired to freshen up our coffee station.
Once again Syd comes to my rescue. She added the words into this cute little free printable name tag.

I bent a fork to hold the cute little sign by first heating it with a torch. I wouldn't recommend doing this at home;)
Here is our new coffee and tea station. In the thrifted green pitcher is cane sugar and in the shaker are chia seeds that we put in our hot tea. I repurposed the lime-green serving tray.
One man's trash can become another man's treasures.
Here's Quinton with the treasure he found.
Here is another treasure from the other day. Quinton our 14 year old son found the antler while shed hunting, and I found this quaint ironstone pan for $1.25. I was so delighted to add both to my collection. I'll soon post a blog on some of my favorite things I look for while surfing the web and hunting thrift stores.
Here is another little tip. I  visited Amazon < link to sight; and ordered my succulents online at wholesale so they will grow now for my fairy gardens. I saved money by buying them directly instead of through retailers.
I plan to take starts from them for new plants. Look for that blog in the future, also.
Until next time, I hope this blog has inspired you to turn trash into treasures for pennies.

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