What's For Dinner? Lena's Chipotle

I hit the jackpot with approval from the family on dinner tonight!
I was out delivering Lena's Amish Granola all day. I stopped at home and gathered Syd before I ran to Wooster to make a delivery to Certified Angus Beef.
By this time, it was getting close to our 5 o'clock dinner time. We were both hungry, and she was trying to convince me we should stop by Chipotle to pick up our dinner. I grimaced as I thought of nine times five equals $45 for our dinner at home.
I started thinking about what I would need to make my own Chipotle-style meal. I knew I needed cilantro, peppers and guacamole. So when we stopped by Buehler's Milltown to check on the GoGo Granola Bar supply, we picked up those three items. Next, we rushed home, hoping no one ate cereal for dinner since Mom wasn't home.
First, I threw a couple peppers and a red onion in a pan with some olive oil.
I used white real rice (not instant), because that's what I had.
Then I started putting the toppings in bowls. Sour cream, guacamole, and homemade canned salsa.
I fetched one of my jars of canned chicken (link on how to can chicken) out of the can cellar and threw it in a pan. Then I poured a can of pinto beans in another pot.
Soon, the rice was done, so I set aside a little bowl of the plain rice for my kid that doesn't eat anything green. Next, I threw a couple limes in the microwave and forgot them till they exploded! :-) But, hey, they still worked, so I squeezed them into the rice, then used kitchen shears to cut the cilantro in, too.
Did you know if you need to squeeze limes or lemons they are so easy to juice if you microwave them a tad? Just make sure they don't eXpLoDe!
Little or a lot of cheese, and some snipped up lettuce, too.
Meanwhile, Syd set the table. This is so typical of her to print little signs out for everyone.
I had this fine meal on the dinner table 20 minutes after I walked through the door, that's how easy this five-star "Chipotle" feast was.
An added bonus was that we were able to splash on a bit of our own favorite sauce. We get this sauce at Westside Market. Here is a blog link to one of my visits there.
Next time you're hungry for a something, consider making it yourself! 
Here's a secret little dream I have. I want to have my own TV show where I would surprise you by showing up at your house at dinner time and making you an amazing meal with all the ingredients you have in your freezer or pantry. Wouldn't you love to watch that new reality show? BAHUMBUCK!
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