Are you ready to take a gander at my newly remodeled bathroom? Of course you are! At the beginning of the project, our goal was to combine two small bathrooms into one bigger one.
This was the main bathroom before. We had some mold problem that needed addressed before the issue got out of hand. I have always been satisfied with my bathrooms because I never knew what  I was missing, though they were very small.
This was what the back bathroom looked like before. We also planned to add a new bathroom downstairs.
With three kids in their teens, I decided we'd make good use of the facility downstairs.
We undertook this endeavor while my parents were in Florida so we could stay at their house during construction. As you can see in the bellow picture, we live right next door to them.

From start to finish, the complete project took three weeks. It sure seemed longer!
We hired Troyer Construction, a local Amish contractor, and they did a wonderful job.
The only complaint I have is they showed up to work at 6 a.m. It really wasn't that bad, since most nights we'd spend at my parents' house to sleep.
If you live in Ohio, you know the snow and cold weather we've experience for the last three weeks. With no running water or working toilets, it was a challenge at times to run next door for showers and when nature called.
Was it worth it? Absolutely!
I really like the upstairs bathtub that extends out to accommodate my curves. We picked up this beauty at Lowe's.
I think the biggest challenge was finding a sturdy vanity at a decent price. After Keim Lumber and Lowe's were a no-go, I went with an Amish guy from Bowman Woodworking whose cabinets were more affordable and nicer than the other two.
The mirror also came from Lowe's.
The marble countertop was from CSB Marble in Kidron.
I almost don't know what to do with all this new drawer space. I LOVE IT!!!
I think I rearrange the sink every day. I'm still in shock that this is our bathroom.
This adorable window cabinet was made by my gifted friend. She has a nice blog you'll want to checkout. She has garden parties and many DIY blogs.
I store our bath towels and toiletries in it.
On top sits a freezer crate with a punch dispenser filled with Q-tips.
The mirror came from Hobby Lobby.
 The dispenser's faucet is turned to the back, where no one will ever notice it. 
I like to use things I already have.

See this cute little grey stool? I've had it for years. I think I picked it up at a garage sale.
The floor is laminate. We found it at National Carpeting in Wooster. After checking with three places, it was best deal for the same quality.
This space is turned into a little powder room for makeup and hair.
I got this antique mirror at a thrift store and the dainty chandelier at Lowe's.
The ruffled shower curtain is my favorite. I scored it at Marshall's for less than $20.
This unique hook came from the surplus store for $3.50.
I have to tell you one of the many laughs we had along the way. On the first night of having a working bathroom again, my hubby came home with this gift for me.
I took the hint. I'm ready to put on makeup and pretty myself in our own bathroom.

I feel blessed with my new, relaxing bathroom.
The front room is painted a shimmery white, and the back is a medallion grey.
I also made the roman blind out of Jo Ann Fabrics material and a venetian blind.

Downstairs Bathroom

I found this vanity at the surplus store in Berlin.
This is the "before" picture.
Yes, we had many messes to clean up and lots of dust to clear, but all the hard work and patience paid off.
I decided to decorate this bathroom with more of a rustic theme in hopes the men would take ownership of it and leave the upstairs room for us women.lol
This fish looks like he escaped the Mississippi, but we will see how he survives in his new environment.
I looked for a magazine rack that could mount on the wall but opted for this crate instead.

The mirror came from the Walnut Creek Antique Mall. The cabinet on the left was from a thrift store, and the hamper and towel holder were things I already owned.
The walls are a shimmery white. The flooring is laminated, too.
I hope you are inspired to freshen up your house this winter. It sure has been a brutal one.
Thanks to all of you who kept asking me to share pictures and to all who are reading this!
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