Valentine's Party With My Girlfriends

This weekend has had its highs and lows in spirit. One of the lows was when my flight got cancelled due to weather. I had planned to surprise our daughter by flying to Denver for a long weekend. To say I was disappointed is putting it mildly; however with those plans canceled, it gave me the privilege of attending a Valentine's party with my girlfriends that I had hated to miss.
My creative friend, Summer, throws these Martha-Stewart-like parties. You feel so privileged to attend.
It was held on the day that's set aside for love.
You enter her home in great anticipation of how she's able to transform it differently every time. She has a quaint and cozy home that makes you feel like you're stepping into a magazine.
At 10:30 am, a full bar is served in the most fashionable way.
I always like to arrive a little early to be able to walk around and enjoy all the unique touches that inspire you to go home and totally redo your own space.
One thing I've been so blessed with is an amazing group of friends. These ladies are happy with who they are and can be happy for you and your accomplishments. I've seen as you grow older, you guard your heart a little more as we have been hurt and have learned to be more purposeful about who your friends are. I really do believe there is truth in looking at who your friends are to know where you will be 10 years from now. I feel blessed to have the friends I have. Love you all!
Anyway, enough of that little side track I took.
Antler LOVE!!!
Summer made this amazing crab quiche, sundried tomato bagels from Kauffman Bakery(that were so soft) served with flavored cream cheeses, then parfaits that were, of course, served with the best granola around--Lena's Amish Granola.
She also served cookies and her famous red velvet cupcakes. PLUS chocolate covered strawberries.
All was divine!!!
We all bring a gift to exchange then play a game where we have to answer questions. My question was, "If you could have one thing in Summer's house, what would it be?" My answer was her bed.
This heart was a perfect description of how I felt in this welcoming group of friends.
We talked about everything from "A" to "Z." I have to say,  at the Valentine party, the "S" is talked about more than at the Easter and other seasonal parties.;)
Her kitchen chandelier is always a conversation piece as well.
As we congratulated each other on moving, baby on the way, new jobs, new accomplishments, parenting skills, you name it, I looked around the room and was impressed to know that everyone is truly happy for each other and not seething with envy or jealousy. Ok here I go again.
With that said, I had to LOL when I saw Lisa glaring at us in the background. I'm so frustrated with blogger right now and how unclear the phone uploads are. I've been trying to use the real camera for the blog, but on days like these you really hate lugging it along.
Here, Summer and I are toasting to our friendship. She has blessed me so much this past year with her inspiration and friendship. Love her!

 Yes, all eight of us fit around this cozy kitchen table.
After leaving her parties, I always leave knowing something I never knew before, like soaking your dry beans in baking soda and water to avoid gas before you cook them, or that going commando is okay, or a new recipe or two. Parenting advice is always on the list, too.
Leaving this fun party, my spirits were lifted and I was okay with the unexpected change of plans for the weekend.

I'm so grateful I got to attend this party filled with women I love. Who says Valentine's Day parties are only for kids and lovers?
Hoping you enjoyed going with me to this fun party.
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