The Perfect Mother's Day Picnic

First of all I want to apologize for the late posting on this one.
I had a amazing day this Mother's Day.
Needless to say it was because I planned it that way. I've learned a long time ago if you have a special day and you want for it to unfold perfectly and your just waiting for it to unfold. Well guess what it won't happen that way unless you plan it like you want it to be.
That sounds a little selfish but in all honesty your family or friends can't read your mind.
So here is what I envisioned for this Mother's Day to be perfect:
Attend early church service together;
A picnic with colorful good food;
It to be by the water;
Stop at a antique store;
That I can take lots of pictures;
Everyone be happy;
Get a electric stapler as a gift;
Guess what I got all the above plus more. I felt spoiled and blessed:) 
We headed north toward Lake Erie as I Googled where a place was to fish and picnic by the water.
We stopped at a antique store along the way. I found my favorite ironstone soup tureen. As we were checking out I thanked the cashier for working on Mothers Day and tried to make conversation with her on if she's a Mother or if she's later spending time with her Mother. She informed me that it's just a card holiday and I left it at that. Syd asked me what she meant and I just replied she must be a hurting women. I loved this antique store but because they weren't friendly and didn't have good customer service I won't mention their name.
We made it to the lake and everyone was starving.
I had made sub's and broccoli salad along with some fresh fruit. Thinking we will stop off for ice cream later.
I loved the peaceful sailboats that glided by as we relaxed together.
Quinton couldn't wait for his Daddy to finish eating, so they could go fish.
Us ladies enjoyed laying under the blooming tree on old quilts while being serenaded with little white flowers raining down on us. The sun was shining and there was soft breeze.

We heard drums in the distance. It was even more perfect then I imagined.
My heart was full as my daughters made small conversation with this cute old grandma in a wheel chair.
To be surrounded with those I mother was what made me the happiest. Here in this picture I made them take a picture as the sun was blinding us. Of course I would of loved to ask a stranger to have taken our picture and for Allen to lay on the ground and pose with us, but I guess sometimes you just have to know when your pushing your limits with requests like these;)
This perfect day happened with a half a tank a gas and change out of my change holder of my van. Would you believe Allen and I both forgot our wallet. I was thankful I had a Pay-pal account for the antiques and there was change for the ice cream cones. This proves that it doesn't take allot of money to create memories.
Thanks for riding along with us on this perfect Mother's Day!
I have so many blogs to share with you on all my projects I've been dong so keep checking back. My goal is to get caught up this week.
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