Buying a Chicken Coop

I've wanted to own chickens for many years, and, finally, with some patience and perseverance, the dream of having fresh eggs from our backyard has just been fulfilled.

I saw this chicken coop advertised on the Facebook group, Bargain Hunters Unite, for only $50. I quickly commented that I'd take it in hopes of snagging this deal. I didn't hear back from the seller so I assumed someone had probably beat me to the punch. 
A week after commenting on the ad, I received a notice that the chicken coop was mine. I stopped by, checked it out, and said I'd take it. It was a little neglected and needed to be loved back to life. 

You might think it's crazy, but I had been praying for an affordable dog house and chicken coop. Well, guess what! God blessed us with both! I'll share about the dog house on another blog. 

The next thing was to figuring out how to move this chicken hotel from its former residence to my back yard. Not an easy task!

So I called my nephew and asked for a favor. Would he be willing to move it with his big trailer? He was game, but first they had to drag it down the lane to load it. It fit with only a couple of inches to spare. Praise the Lord!

We put the hotel in the front pasture until things dry out in the field, where we'll be able to move it for the ladies to have fresh grass all the time.

Quinton gave it some love with white paint. Let's just say it was the perfect thing for him to practice his painting skills while simultaneously working on his tan.

After visiting the local hardware, I was all set for my chickens to come home.
I picked up a big galvanized water fountain and a hefty feeder that I can hang up.

I read that chickens like the color red, so I painted the ladder in this vibrant color.
I had the "cage" letters hanging in my shed. I hung some polka dot burlap bunting and burlap ruffled curtains. We were ready to give these gals a happy home!

We now have seven new hens. They aren't named yet, but we plan on watching them for a bit to get to know them better. We will then have funky, fun names for these beautiful ladies.

I had thrown one of my burlap table runners in the dryer by accident, so the shrunken runner made the perfect curtains for the opening to the door to the nest. I just cut it in half and stapled it to the wood wall.
I still want to add a window box with flowers to this hotel chicken coop in the near future.

Quinton loved participating in releasing the ladies into the coop.

I was happy with this capture--Quinton putting a feather in his mouth. This is our funny kid who often has us in stitches, all of us laughing from his one-liners.

After we had the girls all comfortable, we waited anxiously for what the morning would bring.
I had heard that chickens sometimes don't lay eggs for a week after they're moved.
I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to go see if, by chance, they had given us some beautiful brown gifts.
Guess what!?! The next morning I found six eggs! And later in the day, we found the seventh one. I was so excited, I called my hubby, Mom, and a friend. Call me the crazy chicken lady, and I don't even care. 

This morning they gave me another seven eggs! We are producing at 100% and this farmer is happy, happy, happy. 

Stayed tuned for the blog about my adventurous trip of snagging these ladies. I think you'll love it!
If you have always wanted chickens, I hope your dreams come true soon, too.
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