Cabinet Makeover & Mossy Chandelier Ready for Vintage Sale

Today was yet another busy day at the Schlabach house. We are counting down the next 10 days and checking items off of our to-do list. My Vintage Sale is next week--can you believe it? I'm so excited!

Syd and I visited the Re-Store, or, as most of you would call it, the Habitat For Humanity store. I had to pick up some pieces I purchased a couple of weeks ago and, of course, had to see if they had any new treasures. 

This bike is Syd's DIY project based on something cool she saw on Pinterest.

My friend Ron is always so helpful.
Trust me, today we needed his help.

LOL! No words needed.

So, check out this fabulous cabinet I found. It just needed a little color update and a bit of TLC ("Tender Lena Care"). 

This was how the inside looked.

I coated it with Miss Mustard Seed's Paint and added a bit of metallic white which I had also picked up at the Re-Store today. It received two coats of paint along with a regular flat white for the panels.

The inside got two coats of white also. Daisy thought it was her new home. I was glad I got her approval.

I left this adorable vintage clothes rack for the next lucky owner.

The trick is to put a dab of good old Vaseline in the areas you want to sand off easily.

After some waxing and buffing, it's all all done--an amazing piece that I''m not sure I can drag back out of our bedroom!

I also made this whimsical chandelier out of an old lamp shade, moss, and crystals.
I have so many DIY projects in process this week that I could churn out a couple of blogs a day! 
Just make sure you mark your calendar and come to this fun event next week. You won't be sorry!

Keep checking back daily for updates on our crazy lives right now, including a blog post about how I captured the lovely little feathered ladies in our backyard who keep blessing us with seven fresh eggs a day.
Peace and blessings, my friend! :-)

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