Canning Dilly Beans

Dilly Beans

2 lbs. green beans
1/3 cup pickling lime
2 1/2 cups white vinegar
2 1/2 cups water
1/4 cup white sugar
4 tsp. dried dill
4 tsp. pickling seasoning
cloves of garlic
hot banana peppers
smoked salts
coarse salt

Trim the beans. I leave the tails. Stack the beans in jars.

Bring lime, water, vinegar and sugar to a boil. Put half of a pepper and a clove of garlic in each jar. Divide seasonings and salts in jars and pour brine over beans. Put on lid and ring. Next, put jars in pot and cover with water. When it comes to boil, let them boil for 10 minutes. Then remove from the water and let set overnight to seal.

Today was one of those days where I needed three of me. I have no idea why I plan a week's worth of work all for one day.
I'm not lying when I say I had 15 loads of laundry. Fifteen! Mowed the yard. Shipped Etsy orders. Helped Mom. Did a bushel of beans. Painted the Potting Shed floor. Weeded the garden. Made five gallons of homemade wine. Yeah. I have no idea why I'd do that to myself.

Thankfully, Quinton was my big helper today.

The endless bushel of green beans.

Stacking them in jars...

...adding the garlic and pepper.

I bought the dill and pickling spice in bulk.

I got this smoked salt when I visited West Side Market. You can read about that here.

All ready for brine.

The hot brine.

I never use a pressure canner. This big kettle I purchased at Lehman's is my best friend for all of my canning.

I just cover the jars with water and do it the old fashioned way.

I boiled them for 10 minutes, and now I can hear it. It's music to my ears! They're popping and sealing as I write.

Won't they make beautiful hostess gifts?

I'm serious. This box is endless.

I will be canning regular beans now until midnight. I know I'll be so happy for the harvest during the dead of winter.

When I went to the local farmer's market to pick up my bushel of beans, I was tempted to cart home some fruits to make more jam, but decided today wasn't the day for that.

However, when I saw some peaches that were discounted because they needed to be eaten soon, I decided to get them to toss into a batch of homemade peach wine. I was thankful I didn't have to peel them.

I can just imagine how good they will be served with a cheese tray! They will also make a great gift.

This winter, a cheese tray served with my dilly beans on this industrial coffee table sounds perfect to me. I just had to give you a sneak peak on this latest piece I purchased for myself. I absolutely LOVE my new coffee table. I had wanted to get it white washed today but I guess it will have to wait for another day.

I hope you're enjoying this season's abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables as much as I am.
Don't be afraid of canning and preserving! If I can do it, so can you!
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