Going to the Mt. Hope Auction, and a Roadtrip to Find Chickens That Lay Green Eggs

This Wednesday, my girls and I went to the Mt Hope auction in hopes of finding a few treasures for ourselves.

We wanted Quinton to go along too, but he chose sleeping over our trip.

As we neared the auction site, we saw buggies toting animals in the back. I guess you could call this an Amish pickup truck.

This auction is not only a place to buy fruits and vegetables, animals and flea market finds, but also a meeting place to visit and chat. 

These antique alarm clocks went home with me.

The girls enjoyed the barn that was bustling with ducks, chickens, and bunnies.

After many times of Mom saying, "No," I can attest that none of these bunnies came home with us.

Bless my daughter's heart, though. She was so touched by how badly this little boy wanted this ride when his Mom, too, kept telling him "no." Felicia asked the mother if she could buy it for him, and the mother was very thankful for Felicia's kind act of the day.

I had never seen this many green eggs in real life.
I just had to ask the lady who brought them what kind of chickens lay green eggs. Long story short, she gave me her number to connect with her later to score a couple of these miracle chickens for myself.

Next, we went to the sale barn's little restaurant to eat breakfast. We got a big farmer's breakfast for under five bucks. We also met an interesting Amish man named Johnny and left feeling intrigued and filled to the brim.

When we returned from the auction, I gave the chicken lady a call. She agreed to sell me a couple of her chickens; however, she lived in Nova, Ohio, a hour away.
I'll be honest--I was probably just as excited for the road trip as I was for my new chickens!

I love traveling down roads that I have never ambled along before. Especially back roads.

I stopped at this Amish farmer's market along the way.

I was so in awe of the originality of this roadside stand. Poison Ivy soap? Yes, please, since my legs are covered from playing in the woods over the weekend. 


...and a sign with no bell.

The next stop was the chicken lady's house. Let's just say this woman was filled with foul words and anger. It was entertaining to say the least to watch her catch the birds.

As soon as I got my two chickens, I was out of there.

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I didn't dare. Yes, she wanted to sell me the chickens, but, no, she was NOT a nice lady.

I'm not very happy with how my ladies are treating the new arrivals.

But we are hoping that, with time, they will become friends. The new ladies have already given us two green eggs so far.

What a day, huh? It was quite an adventure. I hope you enjoyed riding along in our back seat!

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