Taking Summer to West Side Market on a Summer Day

Last week we were finally able to celebrate my friend Summer's 30th birthday. We had to postpone our day of fun until after her Country Living Fair and my Vintage Sale.
It was a beautiful, sunny day here in Ohio, and I had planned on whisking her away along the back roads to Cleveland to shop at the West Side Market.

First we stopped off at Panera Bread to grab a bite to eat. 

Love their cheese danishes!

Next we stopped at an antique store we found along the way. 

This was my favorite booth there.

When I caught a glimpse of this pig head, I wondered if maybe I'd see a real one later in the day.

Syd loved it that she could join us on this "Summer" day.
Of course we had to stop at many a garage sale along the way. Summer is the only person I know who can spot a garage sale sign before I can.

We even did a little dumpster diving, curbside style.

Next we were off to see what the city of Cleveland had to offer us.
We captured this picture as we took a left at Progressive Field.

Neither Summer nor Sydni had ever been to West Side Market, so they were excited to see in person what I had tried to explain to them when I was telling them what to expect.

I loved the Gerbera Daisies!

By the time we got there it was afternoon, so it wasn't as packed with people as the times when I've visited before.

So colorful and fresh...

...so many different kinds of mushrooms...

and fresh pasta that went home with us.

We took a picture by the famous longhorn that you see in the market's social media.

Let's just say you can smell it when you arrive at the fish aisle.

Olives? Yes please!

So much colorful food!

Can't say I've ever tried Blueberry Chicken Sausage.

A couple of these went home with me. They were enjoyed poolside this weekend.

Just have to post one more shot of these babies.

Vintage Gouda?

Bacon Chocolate?

Oh, which to pick? I also made fresh herb butter for the delicious crusty bread I bought.

Syd had a tough time trying to decide which sweet cupcake she wanted.

I don't believe I've ever tasted blue mashed potatoes, and I don't have the desire to try it.

These desserts, however...I'd like to try one of each.

I have always admired this unique farmers' market at the end of the street and annoyingly stopped in the middle of the road to capture this picture of it as we were leaving.

We were hungry and ready to sit down at a cafĂ© and rest after having a successful day at the market.

We found Heck's just down the street from the market. It was perfect because we could dine outside and sit by our van while we kept it running to keep our coolers cool.
This Greek salad hit the spot. I'm inspired to try and make one of these tasty salads at home this week.

People kept stopping to take pictures of this group of men dining beside us. We had no idea if they were famous our maybe just some good looking older men. They came over and asked us to take a picture of their group. As Syd and I quickly volunteered, Summer commented.
You asked the right people because they both love taking pictures!" They said they've known each other since kindergarten. They flew in from all over the states for this meeting. We thought maybe they looked like sports managers.:)
All that aside, we headed to the Schlabach pool to cool off and enjoy some mojitos.
It was a perfect "Summer" Day in more ways than one, and I hope you got to enjoy her day as much as we did.
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