Curbside Rescue in Sarasota

As some of you might know by following me on Instagram, we are on vacation here in Sarasota, Florida at the moment. It has been amazing!
Yes, it's hot, but we don't mind. It's an added bonus to be able to hang out in the warm ocean water.

I'll be the first to admit--I have a hard time doing nothing.
We were going down a street to take yet another picture of a cute purple cottage I had spotted earlier, when BAM! This cute little dresser was sitting curbside, just waiting to be rescued. Syd was like, "You're kidding me, Mom!?!"

But I wasn't kidding. After some research, we found a place in downtown called the Rustic Rooster that carries Annie Sloan chalk paint. Julie was so helpful and even stuck sandpaper and a free paint brush in my bag and sent me on my way as we saw something unfold outside her shop window.

Yep, you guessed it:( The dresser was free, but the paint cost me a little more than I had expected.

I couldn't wait to go back to the vacation house and get started on the DIY project I had envisioned.

This paint was amazing to work with.

Two hours later, it was ready to show off its beauty.

I love how it turned out!

I used the same hinges since I liked the look of them against the cool teal.

I guess we are headed back to the Rustic Rooster soon since...

...tonight on our way to the beach....

...We found another piece. Stay posted for future blogs about the lovely adventure we are on.

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