Going Picking for the Atlanta Country Living Fair

One day last week, I had the pleasure of picking in my friend's old house and barn. I was so excited to see what treasures I might find to take along to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta this week.

My friend is selling her place to downsize. She had this collection of plates all nicely stacked on the kitchen table to send to her daughter on the west coast.

Too bad she wanted to keep this vintage bed, but I certainly can't blame her. 

Kathy is an amazing lady, and I think we are both hippies at heart. She always calls me her sister in Christ. We both like to see the beauty in things that others think are ugly and old...

...like how she treasures this pillow because someone spent hours stitching it.

How clever and industrial is this! An old display board from Keim Lumber that serves as a room divider and purse holder in her bathroom.

I love the simplicity of her d├ęcor. She's a lady who is all about nature and has a soft spot for mice. She catches them and makes them her pets! No, she's not crazy like "kookoo" crazy. More like "fun" crazy. I'd love to spend more time with her because she's a blast.

I've been driving past the van in her yard for years and secretly wishing there was a way I could bring this baby back to life.

Maybe one day soon...

...I will be cruising down these Amish Country roads delivering my Lena's Amish Granola and traveling across America doing pop-ups with my Farmhouse Frocks. One can always dream.

Okay, time to get back on track with taking you along on this fun picking experience.
Kathy went into detail about how great this old picture of Jesus was, then pointed to the handmade paper crown and said, "That was from my niece's daughter. She thinks I'm a queen."

Next, we headed to the old barn.

Pure excitement! Can you believe what we found!?! I think I'll clean these old typewriters and take them along. What do you think?

I asked her, "Is that cast iron old sink for sale?" But I was out of luck with that one.
I think it would be cute overflowing with succulents. 

This old tin pail and scales are a couple of the treasures I snagged.

 She had these beautiful peppers sitting on her kitchen sink.
She sent me off with a bagfull of the leftover peppers for me to can also.

When I got back home, I dug into reupholstering this old rocking chair. I used a thrifted duster blanket.

I decided to just leave the wood alone since I had used a lighter colored fabric.
I was happy with the outcome. Not bad for a rookie.

I'm going to share a couple more pictures that were part of my day. I have always been drawn to this little teal-colored cottage in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

I love the colors of this cauliflower and broccoli display at Hershberger's Truck Patch.

My lovely ladies going for their morning stroll. Have I told you lately how much I love my chickens?

I took some Amish canned soup to my friend in the city.
My Amish friend's horse died, so she is canning and sewing for people who ask her so she can raise funds to buy a new horse. Her name is Irene and you can order your homemade soup or canned goods by calling her at 330.695.2168.

I will close this post with one of the many pictures I've taken of the vibrant fall colors we're surrounded with now.

I am counting my blessings for all the inspiration that surrounds me daily. I hope you are, too!
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